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I didn’t really get much sleep at Brad’s. Every time I was starting to fall asleep he started caressing me again. At 4am he woke up and we made love again too. I couldn’t really complain, though I’d be tired all day.

I got up out of Brad’s comfy bed and headed to the bathroom to freshen up and get dressed before heading home. I got some coffee while the computer booted, then got dressed on SL in my wee fairy form.

Casey woke up early on his own, so he had free time until it was time to start his schooling for the day. I hadn’t received anything from the teacher yet, so I was winging it. I wanted to give him the continuity of his regular school schedule while implementing my own lesson plans.

We got started on homeschooling with writing, then he had a snack and we took a walk outside before doing phonics and reading. Then it was lunchtime, so we went and picked up an order from the Mexican place and ate. He had free time for a while after lunch, until it was time to do Math and Music. Then we were done for the day, so he got busy with his electronics. I think the first day went pretty well.

I spent much of the day just hanging around on SL (while going back and forth between the computer and Casey’s desk) and watching Fox News on the web via my 2nd monitor.

Later in the evening, after tending the gardens on ArcheAge, I went to the gaming sim on SL for a while, then got Casey ready for bed and went to bed myself.

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