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I got up and got some coffee in a to-go cup while the computer booted, then got ready to head out to Casey’s OT appointment. It went well, and apparently, he ate a slice of strawberry while there. I was in the waiting room reading during his appointment.

On the way home, we stopped at a Kwik Trip in Sparta. I got some gas, then we headed in and got some food to eat on the way home. Casey just wanted milk, but I was hungry.

Once home, I took care of my free book & paid emails, then made the rounds on some games. I spent much of the day just messing around on Facebook, though.

Dave picked Casey up and I got ready for work. The shift went pretty well, considering nothing had been done by the time I arrived. Justin had only gotten there an hour before me, and we’d been too busy for him to get the machines cleaned. At least everything was stocked, and I manned the registers while he bustled about getting everything cleaned up. I did have to call him to help at the registers a couple times. The truck arrived late, but we did what we could before clocking out.

I headed to the truck stop across the road to get some food to eat at home, then went home for the night. After I ate, I headed to bed.

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