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I got up and got some coffee while the computer booted, then somehow managed to take care of my free book & paid emails despite the painfully slow internet. Casey worked on some writing and then reading. I tried getting on Black Desert but kept getting network errors.

After Casey had lunch, we went to Walmart and bought a new wireless router. We also got a few other things, then headed back home and I put everything away while Casey worked on his math.

I got the new router set up and was finally able to get on Black Desert, but didn’t have much that I could do in the time I had before work considering I still had to get some work done on the ad-rating project I am in with Appen.

Work at Kwik Trip went rather well. Brenda wasn’t there and Justin was a lot more helpful. I’m getting more and more comfortable working there, though I am still in pain from these awful shoes by the time I leave for the night. I need to get some new ones, and if they aren’t Asics then maybe I can find some New Balances or Nikes.

After work, I headed back home and got back on Black Desert. Of course, I still hoped to hear from Brad, and yet I still didn’t and got to feeling angrier and angrier at him. I took out my frustration on some Desert Nagas in Black Desert, then went to bed.

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