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I woke up next to my love as his alarm went off for him to leave for work. He couldn’t find his boxers amongst the pile of clothes and pillows, so he just left them again. I might just keep them this time haha.

I got up and got some coffee while the computer booted, then got on Black Desert on the Xbox while waiting for my free book & paid emails to arrive. Once those came in, I went through them and then went back to Black Desert. I wasn’t even really doing much on BDO, I ended up mostly doing combat training on the training dummies.

I got Casey to do all his homeschooling work throughout the day.

When Dave got home, he saw the can of Busch Light in the garbage and asked who was over here drinking that. I said Brad was here. He saw the pile of my clothes from the night before that I’d moved but not put away, and started making comments about the state of things and referenced it as “disgusting.” The way he said it was like he thinks it’s disgusting that I had my boyfriend of 6 months over. Really? I mean come on now. He was just at his girlfriend’s the night before. Where’s the difference?

Dave ended up being home for the rest of the day, too. I was not pleased. But, he did help a bit with Casey’s schoolwork so I guess it wasn’t all bad.

I sent Brad a text in the early evening saying that the next time we want to have a movie night, we should wait to start making out until after we’ve actually started the movie. And I told him about Dave’s comments.

Later in the evening, I was still on Black Desert and finally participated in the current event they’re running and also a couple boss fights, then I was ready for bed so I set myself up for a night of combat training and got ready for bed.

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