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Brad’s alarm went off bright and early, and he didn’t hit the snooze at all. I’d spent the night awake, wedged between him and the side rail of my bed that’s against the wall. It was so worth it, to get to look at him all night. I figured I would need a nap later in the day, though.

I got some coffee while the computer booted, then got on Black Desert to check things. I only spent a couple minutes on, though, and then spent the rest of the morning on Facebook waiting for my free book & paid emails to come in.

While I was doing my free book & paid emails, Casey had gotten started on his schoolwork. Right before lunch, we went to Walmart to get a few groceries, then came back home. We ate lunch quick then got back to his schoolwork.

I spent much of the rest of the day, until evening time anyway, on Facebook. A friend of mine posted about our Governor supposedly proposing a 9-month stay at home order, but I couldn’t find any articles that support it, only articles disproving it. She didn’t want to accept the evidence put before her but was still saying she’d posted so people could draw their own conclusions. So, I said that’s what I did based on the information available to me. She didn’t say any more.

After dinner, I got on Black Desert again to check things out there and then got on Fallout 76 for a while and took over the workshop that has the most acid. I spent some time on there messing around until I was ready for bed. I’d made it longer than I expected considering I hadn’t taken a nap, it was about 10:30.

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