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We were those crazy parents at the ER because our baby was crying…

Well before dawn on September 9th we were awoken by a screaming baby. Not just crying, but he was screaming bloody murder. He was just hungry, right? I tried nursing but he just kept crying and crying, harder and harder. So, being concerned parents, we took him to the ER.

First off, I’ll note, he got quiet and fell asleep as soon as the car started moving. We still went to the ER anyway.

The checked him out, frequently calling him a her and pissing us off. The nurse was a loon. The doctor insisted we had to burp him practically violently. It was ridiculous.

But, we learned something!

They gave him a 2oz bottle of pedialyte and he guzzled it like he’d been starving! We gave him a 2oz bottle of formula later that day, and got the same reaction from him. And he started sleeping so much more soundly.

I went out and bought a manual pump, and discovered that I wasn’t producing very much milk.

So, we pretty much switched to formula. I tried to keep pumping and supplementing as well, though.

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