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We are homeowners!

So, we’ve been looking for a house for a few months now, and finally found one that we wanted to make an offer on. The house was originally listed at $120,000 in August, but by the time we’d seen it was lowered to $109,000. We were very interested in it, especially after Dave saw it at an open house last weekend. On Monday, I met there with our Realtor to view the home, and I was smitten at once. We scrutinized everything, but in the end all the good outweighed the few downsides.

There’s a basement wall that needs to be stabilized, it’s a new addition and is settling. The electrical needs to be updated, and there are only two cable hookups in the whole house. The bathtub is older, and has a rail for an elderly person to get in and out. The shower head is placed very short (won’t bother me, but Dave would have a little more trouble). But, even with all those things, we still love the house, not necessarily for what it is right now, but where we can see it in 5 or so years. The kitchen is already AMAZING, and there’s more potential to make it off the chain. There are 4 bedrooms, and though they are small, we still like them and the possibilities. There’s a finished room in the basement with a built in fireplace, desk, and bar. Between that room and the kitchen, we were sold on it.

So, we made an offer. We wanted to test the limits, and it ended up working to our favor. Our first offer was $94,500 and they cover the closing costs and fix the basement. They countered at $104,500 and agreed to fix the basement and cover $3,000 of our closing costs. We almost walked away at that point, figuring they wanted to ensure they got $100,000. The basement was quoted at $1500 for repairs. We contemplated a counter to their counter, and ended up going forward with it. We offered $97,000 and left it where we’d pay our own closings costs and take on the liability and repair of the basement ourselves. They accepted the offer yesterday morning, and we are now moving forward and expect to close in 4 to 6 weeks.

I am truly filled with joy over the purchase of this house. It’s not perfect, but it’s the house we both were smitten with, with endless possibilities to personalize it. I’m so excited, and really can’t wait to get out of this basement!

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