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Wacky Wednesday

So, last night I managed to finish catching up on Criminal Minds. I was up until around half past midnight, so not too late. Got an ok night’s sleep, but woke up with a sore back and neck.

Woke up with Max laying next to me and Casey at the edge of the bed snuggling him. That was sweet. I noticed Casey was wearing clothes. He was wearing PJs when he went to bed. He said somehow his clothes got all wet. I checked his bed, and it was dry. So either he peed a tiny bit in his sleep and he felt it when he woke up, or he sweat too much in his sleep and felt that when we woke up. I couldn’t tell by sniffing his clothes, either.

Grabbed my coffee and heard from Colin while I was still changing in SL. Didn’t have to tend gardens in Wiz, so took care of my free book and paid emails then hopped on Sims 4.

Played Sims for a couple hours, then started having problems with one of my characters so exited. Kinda wanted to relaunch it, but kinda didn’t, so I didn’t.

For some reason, I ended up weighing myself today. I hadn’t weighed myself in a while, probably a few months or more. I kinda wish I hadn’t, I’ve gained about 20 lbs since the last time I weighed. That’s a full pant size! It’s devastating. But, considering the shape of my knee right now, what am I supposed to do? Well, for starters, I could stop stashing junk food in my closet to snack on late at night! I could eat smaller portions! I may have difficulty with exercising, but there are damn sure things I CAN do. I’ve been super depressed for over a year now, with the whole separation thing going on. But I’m going to end up even more depressed if I don’t lose weight and gain confidence. Plus, I have to lose weight (and get older) before I can get my knee replacement anyway. So it’s time to do something about it besides sit around and get fatter. It’s time to cut back on the junk and eat healthier, and maybe find some exercises I can do even with a bad knee.

Courtney had invited Casey and I to her sons’ birthday party tomorrow morning, and I wanted to shave before it because the hair on my legs had been bugging me. So, I went ahead and hopped in the bath and got all nice and smooth again. It hurts whether I shave in the bath or shower, but the bath at least I am sitting. It’s hard to get in and out of the bath with my sore knee, though. But, I managed.

After my bath I got Casey to help me with the dishes and got the fridge cleaned out. I was irritated that I even had to clean out the fridge, because honestly I think Dave should be helping out with that, too. Well, hell, he should be helping out with a lot of things that he’s not. One day he’s being totally awesome and super helpful, and the next he’s expecting me to do it all and talks to me like I’m a maid. It drives me nuts!

I’d texted Dave earlier in the day to let him know about the get-together tomorrow and that I was planning to take care of the dishes and fridge, and asked him if he could stop by the store for me and get some more frozen meals and cheetos for Casey. He got home shortly after Casey and I were done in the kitchen, and had no groceries. He ended up changing and taking Casey out to the store with him, so I got to stay on with Colin a bit longer.

I went ahead and reheated some lasagna for my dinner. I’d intended to eat some leftover chili I’d gotten out of the freezer, but it was still frozen solid. The lasagna needed to get eaten anyway, so no big deal.

When Dave and Casey got home, I went out to the kitchen to refill my water cup. Somehow that resulted in me putting away the groceries. I’d had every intention of resting, since my knee was pretty damn sore, but whatever. At least the groceries would get put away where I wanted them to go. I suppose that’s a bonus of me taking care of the dishes as well, everything ends up where I want it to go.

After I got the groceries put away, I hopped onto PersonalCreations to look for father’s day gifts for Dave from Casey. I found one revolving organizer that looked awesome, but was more expensive than I wanted. Shame, I think Dave would have really liked it, too. I found a simple coffee mug and a jersey shirt that I thought Dave would like, so I took my phone by Casey, who was sitting on the toilet with the Nintendo at this point, and asked him if he wanted to order those for daddy. He said yeah, so I went back to the computer to place the order. It was somehow going to be $40 with shipping and processing, so I hunted down some deals and managed to snag 15% off.

So, now it’s getting close to time to get Casey to bed, and I’m excited to finish catching up on NCIS: New Orleans. That’s the last show for me to catch up on, and then I will be canceling my CBS All Access subscription. It’s cheap, but it’s just an extra expense that we really can’t afford with over $35,000 in credit card debt. Any “extra” money we end up with at the end of each pay period really is just set aside to help pay towards that debt. So, yeah, will be excited to cut that expense out of our “budget.”

So, off I go to urge Casey to get off the toilet and on with his important stuff, so I can read to him and tuck him in. Then NOLA here I come!

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