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Wacky Wednesday

Slept ok Tuesday night. Woke up earlier than I had been again Wednesday. Casey was up already, which was a relief. Usually it’s so difficult to get him out of bed! Got him ready for school and went to drop him off.

After dropping him off, I had to go to Walmart for a few necessities. That was fun. It was painful, actually. I did come out with a couple new pairs of leggings, though, so maybe it was worth it? We’ll see.

Got home, got the groceries put away, and got on Minecraft for a bit. It was more of the same, fishing during the day and hunting at night.

Around noon, I went to start the roast to discover we had nothing for any kind of sauce or juice. I used to always use french onion soup, canned or mix, and then started using the seasoning packets that came with the pre-packaged kits. This time, I had nothing.

So, I looked up recipes online, and started looking through our spices. Only to discover, most of our spices were expired! Now, I know they actually last longer, and they just stamp on an earlier expiration date because they want you to buy more before they actually expire, but the spices also aren’t going to be as fresh either. I went through the entire dry perishable food assortment in our kitchen, and the result was that I needed pretty much everything for spices. So, back to Walmart.

I ended up going by the housewares to look at spice racks (we use a rickety bamboo one right now that fits in the cabinet), and found a nice metal one for $20 that I thought *might* fit in our cabinet, and if it wouldn’t I’d be able to make it work on the counter. It came with 16 different spices, and advertised free spice refills for 5 years! So, I put that in the cart and headed to the spice section on the grocery side. Put a few more necessities in the cart, and made my way to check out.

Back home, realized the new spice rack would not fit in the cabinet after all, so moved a couple things from the counter to the cabinet to make room. Got everything put away and reorganized, and it’s looking much nicer. It makes me wish I could go back to cooking, but my dang knee.

Got the roast going, but put it on high for a couple hours. I’d need to check it around 2:40 and would turn the heat down to low.

Finally had a chance to sit down, so perused the Minecraft sale items since they’d refreshed at that point. Nothing new I wanted, though.

Kept getting back up to do more stuff in the kitchen, I was pretty excited about it. Ended up, in total 1 1/2 trash bags just of stuff I cleaned out.

When the timer went off for me to check the roast, I checked it and noticed… I hadn’t plugged in the crock pot!! I plugged it in, and resolved to cook it on high the entire time. Whatever.

Sat back down to some more Minecraft. Same ole same ole. I was actually getting bored with it. There were things I genuinely wanted to do on it, like collect the wither skulls, spawn the wither, defeat the wither, etc. etc., but none of that I wanted to do alone, and didn’t have anyone to do it with at the time. So, I did more of the same.

In the evening, I was standing on the roof, but under the glass dome, because it was raining outside and I didn’t want to take any chances. I was going afk a lot at that point, checking the roast and eating and whatnot. I ended up getting struck by lightning! Come to find out, lightning can travel through, without breaking, glass blocks. Grr.

So, during that time, Dave got home and gave me the “somebody must be feeling better” line. I was like, no, it just needed doing and I’m paying for it now. He went on about needing to do that anyway, I tuned him out. And then he was pissed about the new spice rack because it was taking up “valuable counter space.” I argued that it was not taking up any more space than the 2 items that were previously in that spot. He went on about being bothered about the 2 things that were there before, one of which he’d put there, and that I suffocate him because I actually utilize the counters for something other than food prep. Apparently he was even bothered that I’d put the fish tank in the corner on the kitchen counter. It doesn’t take up that much space. Whatever. I tried walking away, but he started going on about how I won’t debate with him. I argued my point again, and then told him more about the spice rack and the free spice refills.

When the roast was ready, I sat down to eat at the kitchen table. I listened to him go on for about a minute about me staying up until 3am keeping others awake, which I don’t even do, before I got up and took my food to the computer.

When I had enough stuff to trade at the village, I headed there. I noticed a baby villager running around, so I started my inventory of what villagers we had. We were missing a fisherman. I started doing the breeding/culling thing for a while. Then, another baby was born. We were now missing a tool smith. I really couldn’t be bothered with more breeding and culling, so I threw my hands up and returned home.

Did a bit more of the same ole same ole, then went to bed around 11.

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