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Unavoidable, I’m afraid…

So, we have moved into our house, we’ve had internet for a couple weeks (has it really been that long?), and I haven’t posted. Why not? Well, my carpel tunnel has gotten extremely bad. I can’t sleep at night, at least not well. I’m having difficulty working. I’m only typing this to let you guys know how I’m doing, since I have a moment of sensation in the tips of my fingers. When I’m at work I can barely feel what I’m doing, so I just do it from memory. It’s hard to grasp items. It’s overall unbearable.

Cilla wanted me to work for her today, just for a few hours this evening. Well, tonight. Regardless, my wrists just can’t handle it. I haven’t responded to the text she sent me several hours ago. I keep working so many other people’s shifts… I’m sick of covering everyone else while they get to skip out and do whatever it is they think is more important than keeping Panera in business. Ehh, that was harsh… only cuz Rachel asked me to work during the Superbowl so she could have her party. Whatev… I don’t mind covering for other people, and I don’t really care what their reasons are for asking me to, but it’s getting excessive.

Okay, losing feeling in my fingers… so, quickly… the six months of living with MIL finally caught up with my back… that is also unbearable, causing sleep deprivation and all that. Another reason that the whole me covering Cilla’s shift thing just isn’t happening. I need to rest my back and exercise my wrists so that I can work for six hours tomorrow.

I don’t feel like reading over this to ensure I accurately conveyed my thoughts… usually I proofread… make sure I typed what I was thinking… anyway… l8r…

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