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Ugh. Yesterday…

So, I didn’t sleep the best Saturday night. My mind kept me awake, my heart was pounding. I finally got to sleep and woke up in an awkward position. Dave said I snored all night and that he was grumpy with me. When isn’t he grumpy with me?

Dave made a nice breakfast for us, pancakes and eggs with peppers. Where was my bacon? Lol.

Dave made an off-handed comment after breakfast about having a quickie. I shrugged it off. I mean, he’d said he didn’t sleep well and was grumpy with me. And things between us haven’t been very good. And it’d been over a year since I’d had sex with anyone at all, and it was with him.

Got on Wiz, as is the new norm, and was questing on and off all day.

At one point, Dave came and whispered again about having a quickie. I thought about it for a minute, then took him up on it. When it was done, I burst into tears. I’m still not sure if it was entirely because my knee was killing me afterward. I’m pretty sure that at least part of the reason had to do with having sex with the man I love for the first time in over a year, when things between us have been so tense.

Got back on Wiz and resumed questing.

Got off Wiz to cook dinner, clean up dinner, and then got back on.

Got off Wiz to get Casey a quick bath and get him to bed, then got back on.

That about summed up my day!

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