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Tuesday & Wednesday

Was nice to sleep in a bit again on Tuesday. Got up and got my latte, got parked on SL, then took care of my free book & paid emails, and finally got on Minecraft. Didn’t really feel like doing much of anything on there, though. Just kinda hung around.

Throughout the day, I spent time on chores. I washed dishes, scooped the litterbox, then cleaned the disaster zone that was the kitchen table. Then Casey started asking me about cleaning up his play room. I told him I’d do that the next day. I spent a bit more time organizing a few things in my room, so that I didn’t have a pile of jeans on top of my makeshift dresser.

Casey was playing Minecraft while I was doing chores, and all of a sudden started screaming and crying because a MIB-looking “creeper” dude killed his slime. I’d installed them that morning because I didn’t want our constructions blown up. The slimes are hostile, now the creepers aren’t. I suggested he take a break from Minecraft if he was going to have that kind of a reaction over his slime getting killed. He pitched an absolute fit. I told him no more computer, or tablet, or nintendo, or Roku, for the remainder of the day. But, that if he was good the rest of the day, we would see about it in the morning. He ended up going and playing in his playroom.

Dave got home and Casey said he had to move my car so he could get in the driveway. Not sure why and Dave never said anything.

Did a bit more tinkering with things on my web site as ideas came to me. Nothing too drastic, though.

Once Casey was tucked into Dave’s bed for a slumber party, I watched an episode of Criminal Minds and then got on Minecraft with Autumn. We spent the time wandering a bit together and hunting.

I was ready for bed earlier than expected, and was probably asleep by around 11:30.

Still got to sleep in a bit today, but not too late. Got up and got my latte, then got on SL to park. Got on Conan to refresh the bases, and then took care of my free book & paid emails. After that, I got on Aura Kingdom to relist items on the auction house. Finally it was on to Minecraft with Casey.

Instead of actively playing on Minecraft, I spent most of the day scrolling through Facebook, Flipboard, and Pinterest. Liking, sharing, flipping, and pinning the day away. Occasionally I had to do things on Minecraft, like kill a swarm of slimes and kill a swarm of chickens that Casey had spawned in.

After a while of all that, I started work on cleaning up Casey’s play room. I took frequent breaks to not agitate my knee too much, but got the job done relatively quick considering. My knee was sore after, regardless, so I put some of my Cool Azul on it.

After I was done cleaning his play room, I went back to what I’d been doing before. Hanging around on Minecraft, but tabbed doing other things. After a little while, I got in the shower.

After my shower, I got some dinner, and then started doing some more work on my web site. I added a Discord widget. Then I was looking at the chat room settings and saw a Facebook Share option. That resulted in me setting up a new Facebook page. I couldn’t merge my several year old page with the new one because they weren’t named similarly enough. Oh well. I ended up just posting on the old page that I would be closing it soon, but that folks were welcome to like the new one.

Now that the new page was set up, if people are chatting they have the option of sharing it to the Facebook page as well as to Twitter. I don’t know that anyone will actually use the chat, but it’s there.

After I got all that sorted out, it was back to Minecraft. I noticed a ton of villagers in the barn with the animals, so I killed them all. Then I realized how they’d gotten in, and started to destroy the door that Jordan had set up, which I didn’t like anyway. I preferred the way the door was before he started messing with it. But could I say anything? No, I didn’t want things tense between Autumn and I yet again. So I’d kept my mouth shut. It wasn’t apparently not obvious by my lack of reaction to the door that I didn’t like it. Anyway, she saw I was dismantling the door and said she’d fix it. I kept my mouth shut. I tried to “fix” it but couldn’t. So then I let her do it. After she was done she said she was going to build a bounce house to calm down, that she freaked out about me breaking the hard work of the door. GREAT!

So, here I am, typing this up and stewing over how I’ll ever break the news to Autumn that I didn’t like the door Jordan put together. And hoping I don’t lose her as a friend again over it.

It’s time now to get Casey ready for bed. Just as well since I just got disconnected from Minecraft. Now I don’t even feel like playing, I just want to watch my shows again tonight and try not to dwell on the fact that, one day, I will need to let her know, I don’t like the door.

Ok, a couple hours later, I did watch an episode of Criminal Minds. Then I got on Minecraft. Eventually Autumn joined me. I’m avoiding the subject of the barn door.

Searching for a way to add my xbox gamer info to my web site.

Getting sleepy-ish so going to publish this.

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