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Tuesday & Wednesday

I still got up early on Tuesday morning, even though Casey wouldn’t be going to school. Like, I set my alarms and everything. Got my latte and got parked on SL, then got on DDO to check the auction house. After that, I took care of my free book & paid emails, and then got on Conan to refresh the bases. Finally, it was on to Fallout.

Daniel texted me around 9:30 asking how we were. I’m not sure if he was asking because he was concerned, or if he wanted to know if we had strep or not for their sake, or if he was just wanting to hook up. I like to think that he was actually just concerned, though I’m sure it was more of a booty call. I’ll live in my fantasy quite contentedly.

Worked on questing on and off throughout the day, while chatting with Colin for a good part of it. Casey mostly just laid around resting, which is what he needed. Lots of rest and lots of fluids, that’s what the doctor ordered in addition to the antibiotic. He didn’t really pester me too much about getting on Minecraft, which surprised me. He mostly just laid in his little toddler couch-bed, which he’d put on top of my mattresses, watching stuff on the Roku.

Dave got home later than I thought he would, around the time I was getting Casey ready for bed. It was only 7 at the time, but he’d said he was ready for bed and I’m sure being sick is taking a lot of his energy out of him. He’d gotten his “important stuff” done by the time Dave was coming up the stairs, so then he decided to stay up a while later because he hadn’t seen his daddy all day.

Finally got Casey tucked into bed, and went back to questing on Fallout. I’d come quite far, and was incredibly pleased with how I’d been coping with playing a solo combat survival game. Played on there until I was ready for bed myself.

Set my alarms again for today, assuming that Casey would be going to school. When I went to get him up, he looked dead dog tired. He was coughing, and I just felt that he needed another day to rest. So, I called the school and let them know I would be keeping him home one more day. He laid in bed the first half of the day.

I found out fairly early that my bed was actually going to arrive today, which got me incredibly excited and motivated. I got the twin mattresses brought upstairs and put in the hallway by the bedrooms, and got the futon mattress downstairs. I got a space designated and cleaned up for the futon as well. The only thing I wasn’t able to do was get the futon frame itself down the stairs, I’d need to enlist Dave’s help for that. I figured he’d be so annoyed by the mattresses in the hallway, as well as horrified at the thought of me having to sleep in his bed, that he would be glad to help.

I got plenty of rest while taking care of all of that, and got to talk to Colin again too. When I’d first got up, I got some coffee and got parked on SL, then got on DDO to check the auction house, then onto Aura Kingdom to check that auction house, and then got on Fallout and worked on questing on and off throughout the day during rest breaks.

In the afternoon, Casey was suddenly full of energy, bouncing and skipping around the house. Yeah, he was finally feeling better and would definitely be returning to school on Thursday.

I called the hospital after dinner to see if the result of my culture had come in. It had, and I do not have strep. I’d begun to think I’d just had a cold, because I was already feeling better without an antibiotic, and had been sneezing quite a bit on Tuesday when Casey had not.

After I got off the call with the hospital, I sent Daniel a text letting him know that I don’t have Strep and that Casey’s doing better and would be back at school tomorrow. I also asked how they’re doing, and he responded that they were doing well. That’s good, I don’t want our entire den to be sick with strep throat.

Casey did get grouchy with me in the evening, saying he was scared to walk past Max because he thought he was going to bite him, and he wanted me to help him. It’s just a game Casey plays, and Dave and I don’t like it when he does that, so I was telling him he needed to be a big boy and just walk past Max and he’d be fine. He raised his hand to my mouth, whether to cover it or smack it I’m not sure. I gave him an immediate “3rd strike” against tomorrow. He wasn’t happy about that. He didn’t cry for as long as I thought he would. Then he came back and said he was thirsty. I told him to go get a drink, then. He said he didn’t know where the water flavors were. A game again, because he knows exactly where they are. He also already had a drink out on the kitchen table, which I pointed out to him. He wanted me to go with him to get his drink. So, I told him I would, and that he’d have one sip, then put his drink in the fridge and get ready for bed. Clearly he was exhausted.

Time had wore on and Dave was still not getting home, and I was getting increasingly concerned about the mood he’d be in once he saw the “mess” of mattresses around the house. I was getting nervous at the prospect of asking for his help to get the futon frame downstairs.

Casey actually asked Dave to do that for me, bless his little heart. Dave had gotten home between 7 and 7:30, as Casey was getting his important stuff done for bed. He seemed to be in a good mood at first, not making any nasty comments about the “mess.” Casey informed Dave that my bed had arrived and that I needed his help getting the futon frame downstairs. He didn’t seem even remotely disgruntled.

When it was time for him to actually help me, it was another story. He became an ass, bitching about my poor communication and piss poor planning. He even called me a nit wit at some point, no idea why other than just to be a jerk. Through all his bitching and my silence, we managed to get the futon frame down to the living room in the place I’d designated for it. Upon closer inspection, a board had started to split. Dave mentioned it should have some sort of lifetime warranty on the wood, so we’ll have to find the paperwork and look into that. It was not a cheap futon. He was claiming that I wasn’t taking care of it, because I have been the one using it for the last 2 years. I haven’t done anything to it other than sleep on it, it’s not like I wasn’t taking care of it.

With the space cleared for my new bed, I got to work. With heavy metal pieces, it was a challenge. Dave ended up coming in and apologizing for his behavior, and offered to help. I let him help me get the base done, during which time I apologized for not communicating with him better.

Got the bed assembled in record time, with some temporary blankets in place and my pillows and animals assorted on it. I haven’t been able to keep this silly stupid grin off my face ever since, so excited to finally have a real bed again!

I got in the shower, I don’t want to lay on a clean, new bed after working hard and getting icky throughout the day. By the time I was out of the shower, Dave was already in bed. I’m not sure if he peeked in my room at all to see the assembled finished product.

Max was curious as hell about everything going on today, and came to investigate after I’d gotten out of the shower. I gently picked him up and placed him on the bed, and he started kneading the blanket. He ended up jumping back off of it when I went to get my PJs on, but later came back and is laying on it now. That makes me happy, it’s like it got the “Max’s Seal of Approval.”

I need to get wound down for bed, so I think I’m going to work on questing on Fallout. Focusing my mind on just one thing can sometimes help me wind down, it just varies. Ultimately, I’ll get to bed when I’m ready to get to bed.

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