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Tuesday & Wednesday

Got up and got my latte, got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dropped him off at school then came back home and got on Minecraft for a little while.

Colin and Autumn were not yet up, so I headed to Walmart to get some groceries and other crap I don’t need lol. Autumn ended up getting up while I was there, so we texted a bit.

Headed home, got everything put away, then hopped back on Minecraft with Colin while Autumn went out with a friend. He got started building himself a house while I worked on the jungle section of my house for the parrots and hopefully pandas.

Later in the afternoon/early evening, Autumn and I worked together building a barn for our animals. It turned out pretty decent, though it took longer than I would have liked due to both of us having to go afk, like when I was getting Casey ready for bed.

Stayed on Minecraft to wrap things up for a little while after tucking Casey in, and then we got on SL. We spent time getting changed on SL, but it was starting to get late by the time she was done, and I was getting tired. We went to a shop to check it out, but then I went to bed.

Wednesday, got up and got my latte, got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dropped him off at school, then headed back home and got on a call with Colin.

We got on Minecraft together for a while, but then I had to go to Therapy. Therapy went well. We talked about what’s been on my mind since our last session, and my homework is to inquire as to the reason behind me no longer being qualified for the same position I was interviewed for a couple months ago with United Healthgroup. The position that I didn’t get simply because I didn’t live close enough to that office location, even though it was a work from home position.

Came back home and got on Conan to refresh the base, then got back on Minecraft with Colin, until we’d both had about enough. Autumn had gotten on for a little while, but we were just fishing and she said it was making her tired so I suggested she just take a nap.

Picked Casey up at the usual time. I was hoping to see Daniel, though it was a Wednesday and it would be highly unlikely. Plus I’m still irritated with him, because he hasn’t spoken to me since I told him I wanted him to make it up to me “out of the bedroom” for him having not wished me a happy birthday despite being reminded about it the day before.

Came back home and got Casey to do his usual. I went ahead and took care of a few chores, and was letting Autumn know what I was doing because she was up. She’d thought that the dishes would take me longer than it did, so she started watching something with Jordan. I wasn’t really in the mood for more Minecraft, but didn’t have anything better to do, so I got on to do more fishing for another Frost Walker book so we can safely get pandas home from the Jungle. She ended up getting on anyway. Shortly after she complained about fishing being boring, I got the other book we needed. We got ready to set off toward a Pillage she’d found, with the plan to get to the Jungle after. The adventure at the Pillage took a little longer than expected. We were able to wrap up the raid by the time it was time to get Casey ready for bed.

Once Casey was tucked in, we headed back to our main base and dropped off all the raid loot, then set off to the Jungle. We’d barely made it to the Jungle home before I was ready for bed.

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