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Tuesday & Wednesday

Tuesday, got up and got my latte, then got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dropped him off at school, then headed back home for a little while.

I heard from the OT, Heather, from Casey’s school. She said he does have tactile defensiveness, where his senses are more acute and he responds more strongly to certain things. She suggested getting him some snug shirts, at least under shirts, that snug clothing is known to help people with this. We set up an appointment to meet Wednesday morning and afternoon to go over some tools to work with him to help him as well.

I headed to Walmart to get a few things, and got him some under shirts. I had to go to the toddler section to make sure I got ones small enough! I also picked up a few groceries, then headed back home.

As I was putting away the groceries, I got a call to see if I wanted to do the phone interview with United Health Group then. It was scheduled for 1pm, and I explained that I was putting away groceries. She said she’d call back at 1.

The phone interview went well and I was asked to come in for a face-to-face interview Wednesday. I’ve been back and forth on the whole thing. I’ve been trying to get in with this company for about 10 years, and I need a job, and one that I can do from home. But the training period involves 6-10 weeks on site in Onalaska, and I know few people in the area. I hate the idea of leaving Casey with someone I don’t know. Plus, they’d be providing me with a computer and everything else I’d need (besides a desk and chair) to do the job, and where am I going to put it all? But, as Cyn (Autumn) said, if I really want the job, I’ll figure it out.

Autumn’s real name is Kyndalyn and uses the nickname Cyn in a lot of things, so I’m trying really hard to start calling her Cyn.

Spent a short while on Minecraft with Cyn, before it was time to go pick Casey up from School. Then I headed to the school for pickup and brought him home, and had him get on the toilet per usual.

Argued with Cyn for a while about the legitimacy of an overdraft transfer fee they’d incurred. She didn’t believe me that banks just don’t do that for free, until I started talking about what was found on their bank’s web site. They have a student checking account. A couple years ago someone stole their debit card information and used it for about $100 worth of stuff 4 hours away. After that, they had their account set up to automatically decline any transactions that would overdraft them. Well, turns out, it’s at the bank’s discretion whether or not to decline the transaction.

I am concerned for them with their financial situation. Jordan gives money to his mom every month to help her out, and he lets Autumn, er, Cyn, spend I think it’s $100 per pay check on whatever she wants, usually on games, and they buy the groceries for them and her dad, who they live with rent-free. Her computer sucks and she wants a new one, but says Jordan needs a new one first. They’ve got nothing in savings and are living paycheck to paycheck. Shouldn’t she stop spending $100 a paycheck on games? Maybe put it in savings? Or at least some of it…

After that discussion, I got back on Minecraft and Cyn joined me, and Casey got on his world on Minecraft once he was done in the bathroom.

Spent the rest of the evening playing around on Minecraft. I went looking for the last cats I needed for the achievement, but was struggling to find them. I ended up back in the jungle, and found a panda to bring home with me. I was able to get the panda in the boat, which made the journey much easier. I saw a village, relatively close to home, that I wanted to stop at to check for cats, and found two. I would need to use my frost walker boots to journey with all 3 animals. On the first night, a drowned (drowned zombie) attacked and killed me. Cyn followed me back out to where I’d been killed, and took care of the mobs while I collected and reorganized my stuff. I headed back to my house with the cats, and she said she’d keep an eye on the panda. Then she remembered the boat thing, and tried bringing the panda home. I guess something attacked them when she was in the boat, and the panda didn’t make it. She was nice enough to go back out to the jungle to collect another panda, and I stayed back to expand the panda area of my home.

Got Casey to get ready for bed, and then tucked him in. Got back on Minecraft with Cyn and spent a bit of time mining, then we explored a small cave system I found while mining. It had a decent amount of iron and a good bit of coal, and a bunch of mobs, but otherwise we were fairly disappointed with it.

I was just standing around in my house for a while and the sound of the cats was starting to drive me nuts, there must’ve been 20 of them around. Cyn suggested putting them all in Colin’s house as a joke. So, I did. I got them all there, then picked the ones I wanted to keep at my house and moved those back.

By the time all that was done, I was pretty much ready for bed myself.

Got up this morning, got my latte, then got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Took him to school and met with Heather to go over some of the tools to help Casey cope better with sensory things. Then it was time for muffins for mom. We used an eating schedule to get him to try my blueberry muffin. He did well, but still didn’t like it. Then Heather left so Casey and I could enjoy our time together.

It was a nice treat to spend a bit of time with him at school. Somehow we talked about me having lunch with him again sometime, and I said we’d have to come up with a day to do that.

Headed back home for a little while after, until it was time to leave for my interview in Onalaska. I was feeling anxious, and had to take a xanax. I was able to calm down relatively quickly, though.

Stopped at Walmart to get a new pair of shoes. The only shoes I had that were appropriate for an interview had heels, and I’d tried wearing the ones but they were hurting my knee and gave me blisters on my feet. Then I stopped back by the house to grab a bracelet I wanted to wear, and my cane.

Got to the interview 15 minutes early per their request. It went really well and I felt more comfortable with the idea of making room for the computer and anything else I’d need in my room. They don’t need to know it’s my bedroom, the daybed can certainly pass off as being used for a couch. I’m still nervous about the training period, but I’m sure I can make it work. It’s only for 6-10 weeks.

The interview only took half an hour, though it was scheduled for a full hour. I was close to one of my favorite tex-mex restaurants, Carlos O’Kelley’s, so I went there for a quick lunch. I usually get their Cinco Sampler platter, but always look at the menu anyway. The Seafood Enchiladas sounded good, so I tried them. They were amazing!

Headed back home and got on Minecraft with Cyn and Colin, to show him his surprise. He sounded both disgusted and elated at the same time lol. He put some minecarts down to put a few into, and they looked like they were having seizures from it.

Got off Minecraft, telling Cyn I didn’t want to play it anymore today because I didn’t want Casey to see that I was playing it then want to play as well, in my room. She said she’d wait for me on SL.

Headed back to the school, then remembered the meeting with Heather, so I let Cyn know about that and needing to do chores before I could get on SL. Met Casey outside, then went back in with Heather. We practiced some of the exercises we could do together to put him more at ease with unexpected touches.

On the way home from school, Casey was telling me about the art center he wanted at home, because he said the art center in his classroom is always too busy during choice time for him to be able to make anything. I’d organized his arts & crafts stuff, and his educational stuff, in one spot quite some time ago, but I had an idea to make it better for him, and more accessible.

Spent a good hour moving stuff around so my old desk could be used for him to do homework or arts & crafts or play with play-doh, or even just use his computer. All the supplies for all those things were moved close-by so it’s a corner designated as his “art center.” All this I got done while he was in the bathroom. Once I was done, I had him come out and he was so happy to see it!

Took care of the dishes and scooped the litter box, then made some Mac & Cheese for Casey and a tv dinner for myself. Ate some dinner while chatting with Cyn on SL. Also refreshed the bases on Conan, since it’d been a while, and checked Blade & Soul to see what was new, if anything. Then I hopped in the shower, since Dave wasn’t home yet and I didn’t want to have to wait until after Casey was in bed to shower.

I heard Dave getting home just as I was getting in the shower. I actually feel kinda sorry for him, because he’s dealing with seasonal crap like the rest of us, but his temperature is also elevated. Yet he still has to go to work all day, and had to stay late tonight. But only feel kinda sorry for him, because he’s an ass.

Just from showering, I was rather exhausted, and my knee was hurting even more. I groaned getting back out of the shower. Sat down and saw that Casey’s school had posted the pics from this morning. I saw how I looked and it made me want to cry. I really need to lose weight. The last time I saw Daniel though, he’d said he loves how thick I am. But when I see myself, I hate the way I look. I want to start using slim fast again tomorrow, since I have like 10 cans of the powder mix. But then I worry he won’t be as attracted to me. I’d met the other girl he’d been seeing, and she’s heavy as well. Clearly that’s his type. I love him so much, and he likes me just the way I am. Would he still like me if I changed?

Got my jammies on and then asked Casey to get ready for bed around 7:15. He finally did around 7:45, and then a few minutes later he came and said he was too tired to brush his teeth. I told him to just go to bed, but I wasn’t going to read to him then. I said that because that would get him to brush his teeth, he loves being read to. He tried to plead for me to just brush his teeth for him, but I said no. I told him, he should have listened to me at 7:15 if he was that tired. He was using his whiny voice to ask for a hug, and I asked him if he’d go brush his teeth if I gave him a hug. He said yes, so I gave him a hug and kiss, then he brushed his teeth. Read to him and tucked him in.

Chatted on SL with Cyn for a bit, and made plans to get on Minecraft to travel to the far away Mushroom Island. While waiting for her, I spent some time tending the garden and breeding animals for slaughter. By the time we were both ready to go, I was ready for bed.

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