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Tuesday & Wednesday

Got to bed about the normal time Monday night. Got up later than intended again on Tuesday. Got Casey up with not much time to spare before we had to leave to take him to school.

Came home and got my coffee, got on SL and parked, and then got on Minecraft.

Spent the majority of the day working on setting up a village behind the sandcastle. A row of tenements and a couple townhouses were added. I fenced off the area to keep the villagers from wandering away and getting themselves killed or turned back into zombie villagers.

Had Physical Therapy at 12:30. I was in a lot of pain before I even got there. She had me get on this machine, I’ll call it a sitting elliptical. She says it’s fine to just use my arms to make it go, she just wants to be sure my leg is getting motion.

She had me go over my usual daily routine, since she could tell by looking at me I was in pain and stiff again. I told her I felt that it was my body basically rejecting the cortisone injection.

She did some measurements around both knees and discovered I’m starting to have muscle atrophy. Great. She said we need to build the muscles back up surrounding the knee to get the knee feeling better.

Sorry to say, I just don’t have much optimism for that working.

She had to have known by her examination that I hadn’t been doing my exercises, but I lied anyway and told her I do them every morning, all at once, and could only manage 5 repetitions. She suggested breaking the exercises up to about one an hour, so I’m not sitting at the computer not moving that leg all day. I might could manage that.

After the appointment I headed home, but pretty much only to check the mail before leaving to get Casey from school.

Once we got home and situated, we got on Minecraft together. I showed Casey the new village setup, I call it Village 2.0. He seemed to really dig it. He helped put some finishing touches on some rooftops. But then he went and put stairs in weird places inside the houses.

For dinner I just had another TV Dinner. It was a pasta dish. It was pretty decent. I had it late, so I just sat at the computer to eat it.

Once I got Casey to bed, later than I should have, Autumn and I headed to the Nether. It’s kinda an alternate world with different mobs. We went on a killing spree. But, I was getting sleepy and ended up somehow walking into a lava pit. I managed to dig my way out, thank God. If I had died, I wouldn’t have lost many experience levels because I didn’t have many, but I’d have lost my most precious belongings. That would have taken a lot of time and effort to get back, because of how they’re enchanted. I’d have to do a lot of tedious tasks to get my XP level up to re-enchant each piece. That would have been such a PITA.

So, Autumn said it was probably a bad idea to have gone to the Nether when I was so sleepy, and that we should head home. I had a bit of an adrenaline rush after the lava incident, but I agreed and felt that I should try and sleep anyway, since I was dozy enough to fall into lava in the first place.

Slept ok, and got up a bit earlier than I have been. Got Casey up earlier than I had been as well, because he’d peed his bed. I don’t know what the deal is, he’s been so good about not bedwetting or having accidents.

So, had him clean himself up and then get dressed and took him to school.

Came back home and got some laundry going, then got my coffee and got on Minecraft.

Spent the day working on getting a complete village, as in one of each villager type. There are 12 types in all, and they will breed automatically based on the maximum population available in an area, which is determined by the number of homes. I have to admit, I killed a lot of villagers because of duplicates. And somehow zombies got into the village, despite the fences, and killed some villagers. But, eventually I got one of each villager, and also spent quite a bit of time getting a secondary outer fence constructed. The villagers like to go up to the fence line and look around, so the secondary outer fence should keep the mobs from getting in. I also constructed an “Iron Golem,” to protect the villagers from intruders if there are any.

At one point, I had to go to the bathroom when I was on my way to the Savannah to fetch a white llama. I tucked myself into a small structure and went away to go to the bathroom. When I came back, I’d been killed by a zombie. At least I was close to home, so I could go back and my stuff would all be there. If it were lava, it’d be gone, but any other death, you can go back to the location and, provided it hasn’t been too long, you can reclaim all your possessions.

During all this, I continued to truck along with laundry, got the dishwasher emptied and refilled, and hand washed what needed to be hand washed.

When I picked up Casey from school, he was sitting at a bench crying his poor little heart out. I asked him what was wrong, but he just kept crying and went and got his backpack. One of the teachers came over and explained that he’d been going down the slide, and someone went down right behind him and he got a little hurt. Then, he wouldn’t move out of the way, and just kept crying, so they had him go take a break to calm down. That upset him more. I explained to him that nobody was mad at him, but that if he’d stayed at the end of the slide crying, more kids would just come down and he’d keep getting hurt.

The teacher also told me that he’s been doing really well with eating new and different things. This morning, for instance, he ate about half his serving of breakfast pizza (eggs, cheese, and bacon), and then at lunch he ate about half his burger (with tons of ketchup, yuck! lol). I told him I was so proud of him and that he could have a surprise when we got home. I gave him a Lego City hot dog cart pack that I’d picked up a while back. He was excited about that and we built it together right away.

After we were done building the hot dog cart, Casey said he was hungry for some cereal. So, I got him a bowl and he watched some TV while he ate. So, I went back to Minecraft.

After he was done eating, he wanted to get on Minecraft as well, so I got his computer booted up for him. We hung around the village, at that point I was still working on the above-mentioned birthing and culling to get one of each villager type.

Dave got home from work about 4:30 or 5. Shortly after, Casey stood up from my bed, walked over near my nightstand, squatted, and let out a “juicy toot.” I told him to go sit on the toilet right away, and then told Dave what had happened. While I was telling Dave, Casey went and grabbed the Nintendo 3ds to play on while he tried to poop. Dave took it away from him and Casey started freaking out. I went and turned of Casey’s laptop (my old craptop which is crapping out even more lately, btw). Casey freaked out more. I took away his tablet. All the while, he kept refusing to sit on the toilet. We kept telling him more would get taken away if he didn’t sit down and try to poop. He kept screaming, crying, whining, and fussing about the whole thing. He even started throwing things in the bathroom. When he threw something, I went in and took that item out of the bathroom without saying a word. He kept hollaring about wanting something to entertain him to help him poop. We told him he’d just have to do without, because he was being “a monster.” At one point, I even went and locked his playroom door because he was refusing to listen to us and do as he was told. Finally he shut up and at least made an effort.

While he was trying, I went and got his bed made again with fresh sheets. Got his stuffed animals put back in place, and put away his laundry that I’d folded earlier. My knee is pretty sore after all this so far.

After Casey had spent enough time trying, and he was also saying he was hungry, I let him get off the toilet and told him he could have Mac & Cheese. He hasn’t been eating it because it’s a generic brand and the noodles aren’t shaped like anything, just elbow macaroni. He didn’t object and ate it.

After he was done eating, he went to see Dave and they had a long chat about Casey’s behavior and also about him listening to his body and going to the bathroom when necessary. After their chat, Casey came by me and watched me on Minecraft for a few minutes

Not much after that, he said he was tired and ready for bed. I made sure he used the restroom, and he was extra good by washing his hands after. Got him his vitamins, then read to him and tucked him in.

Once he was tucked in, I sat down and got through my free book & paid emails, then started on this.

Autumn went off a while ago to get dinner for her dad, and I haven’t heard from her yet. I’m not sure if she’ll get back on tonight, nor what we’d do if she did.

In the background, I have it running and am just periodically checking what’s going on with the village. Not much, lol. I may just stand here and watch the village and watch the days and nights pass. That’ll get me ready to go to sleep in no time, lol.

Anyway, until next time!

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