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Tuesday & Wednesday

I feel even worse today than I did the other day, when I posted last.

So, to keep it short & sweet.


Got up, got coffee, did my gardens on Wiz, dice roll on DDO, then played on Aura Kingdom on & off the rest of the day.

Was supposed to have physical therapy, but had to cancel. First of all, just don’t feel up to it. Second of all, probably shouldn’t spread my germs around, lots of old people go there.

New brace arrived, put it on right away even though the representative who measured me said she’d see me Thursday to fit it. It’s ridiculously oversized, uncomfortable, and actually made my knee feel worse. Still kept it on all day, though.

Casey ruined a pair of underpants early on in the day, and it was bad enough I needed to make him take a bath. And started his laundry.

Leftover spaghetti was lunch, dinner was a frozen meal.

Spent an hour on the Minecraft project, and after an hour, an email came in saying the project was done. Great. That could have been about $270 if I’d started day 1 and done the 10 hours a week allotted. But no. I was too preoccupied with Aura Kingdom and slacked off.

Got to bed about the usual time, around 11.


Got up early, expecting to go to therapy at 9. I had to call and reschedule, just not feeling like I could possibly talk for an hour. Trouble breathing, much less talking.

Got my coffee, got on Wiz to do my gardens, did my dice roll on DDO, and played on Aura Kingdom on and off the rest of the day.

Put the brace on, and it seemed to go on better this time.

Had leftover spaghetti for lunch.

Autumn was having lots of problems trying to play Aura Kingdom. She was kinda bitchy about it, but she’d mentioned midol the day before so guessing she’s PMSing. Like, I’d made a comment about her already trying to reboot her router and all that, and she snaps back with “My internet is just fine FYI.” I just wanna blink my eyes at her and say “oh really now? It is?” She’s constantly losing connection to the internet, and I’m guessing that 90% of the other problems she’s having are the result of a slow connection.

Discovered how much money I’ve spent on this game, and it makes me cringe. I need to lay off for a LONG time, my gaming spending.

I’d told Colin first thing this morning that it wouldn’t be a good idea for me to talk today, because I couldn’t even go to therapy to talk for an hour much less spend the day on the phone with him. He still kept asking from time to time about talking. Look, I feel like death, I can barely breathe much less talk, if I were to have done any significant amount of talking today it would have been at therapy. Honestly it’s got me rather pissed off. Ok, so he only asked me 3 times. But doesn’t he think I would have told him if I suddenly felt like speaking was an ok thing to do? Plus, he’s always complaining about being sick, so shouldn’t he be more worried about getting the rest he needs than talking on the phone? Plus, him asking me more than once about it makes me feel guilty, like I’m doing something wrong by not calling him. I just, can’t talk today. Simple as that.

Dave had to drop his car off at the shop to get an alignment done. I was going to go pick him up from there and we’d go out to eat. At first, I thought it was a trip to the dealership in Onalaska. Thank God it was just to the shop down the street. I was not up for driving for an hour and a half.

When I was getting ready to leave to meet Dave at the shop, my car wouldn’t move. I’d released the parking break that Dave won’t stop engaging. It still wouldn’t move. Finally it moved, and for a while I couldn’t go over 35mph. Not sure what the deal was, but think Dave needs to stop messing with my parking break. We’re not on a STEEP hill!! If we were on a steep hill, I’d get it. But we’re not.

Had mexican for dinner. I ordered a tequila sunrise. It was in, like, a 32oz glass. No way would I be able to finish that! Food was great! I had some burrito sonora thing that had chicken, steak, and chorizo in it.

When we got home, I sat down for a little bit then got ready to take a shower. The brace had done well all day, I’d actually felt better! It occurred to me, after removing, the sleeve they gave me is probably to go under the brace, not over. It leaves marks in my skin that are tender after taking it off.

The hot water from the shower did nothing to help me feel any better.

So, while typing this up, I have thought also about what to do in the morning. I’d have to get up at 7am to drive Dave to work. I don’t think I should do that, or go meet Sherry about the brace, or go to PT. I think I should stay in bed (later than I would otherwise, anyway), and try and get as much rest as possible.

So, about 10 or 15 minutes later, I feel even WORSE because I got lashed at about even *suggesting* that he *maybe* drive my car tomorrow instead of me getting up to take him. Asshole.

I’m done with this day.

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