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Tuesday & Wednesday

Slept ok Monday night, and was up in time to get Casey up and off to school. He wanted me to drive him to school, because he was upset about having to go back after how things had gone for him on Friday. I walked him to the bus stop and told him things would be better today.

Got my coffee, got on SL to park, got on Wiz to tend to my gardens, got on DDO to do the dice roll, then it was on to Aura Kingdom, where I stayed on and off throughout the rest of the day.

When I got Casey off the bus, he said he had a bad day again, that everyone was being mean to him. I asked him what had happened, and he said he couldn’t remember, so I told him it must not’ve been that bad then. He went and watched some TV downstairs for a while, and later on grabbed the Nintendo.

Dinner was another Home Chef: Summer Salmon Tostadas. I’ll post about it with pictures later. It was good, though!

After dinner, I got some of the stuff cleaned up from Casey’s birthday. He’d had a pizza lunchable for dinner and got pizza sauce on the tablecloth. Underneath the Paw Patrol tablecloth was the fabric one I’d bought at Walmart when I was there getting the birthday decorations. Dave noticed and called me Martha Stewert. I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or an insult.

In Aura Kingdom: I spent the day working on the Gaia Chronicle and questing, and got to the same point where Autumn was stuck. It was a dungeon with a difficult first boss. I wasn’t able to get past it either, and it was getting late, so I figured I may as well be stuck along with her. I hoped that when I’d level up to 90 and get the next set of gear, I’d have a better chance.

By the time I got to bed, it was past midnight.

Slept ok, considering. Obviously, didn’t want to get out of bed. 5 hours of sleep, or whatever it was, is just not enough.

Nevertheless, got up on time and got Casey off to school. He wasn’t as upset about having to take the bus, or go to school, so I hoped he’d have a better day.

Got my coffee, got on SL to park, then got on Wiz to my gardens. Heard from weirdo Sammy, she was talking about some wands you could fish up that I wasn’t particularly interested in. I ended up just logging off, which I felt sorta bad about but mostly didn’t care. I’m still not crazy about Sammy and the whole book club incident. After that, I got on DDO and checked my gardens, then it was back to Aura Kingdom.

I went to Casey’s school to surprise him for recess and lunch, only to find him crying on the playground. Someone had stepped on his hand. It hurts, yes, but it was an accident I’m sure. Kids, hell even adults, don’t always watch where their feet are going. I kept telling him to come down to me, and a staff member was trying to coax him down as well. He was saying he wanted to go down the slide, so we urged him to go. So, he gets to where he’s ready to go down the slide, and there’s a line of kids forming behind him. They’re all excited and not necessarily the most patient, and it is possible a child’s feet may have touched Casey’s back. It was hard to see from my position, but it was definitely not a kick, at best a touch of the foot. Casey started freaking out. I got stern and got him to come down the slide. Spent the entire recess holding him as he sobbed and told me kids are always kicking, pushing, and pulling him, and he felt like nobody liked him. He kept repeating that, and that he didn’t want to go to school anymore, he wanted to go home and stay home. I just kept trying to reassure him things would be fine and that it’s important to go to school.

We got to lunch and he started to cheer back up. I even got a couple silly photos out of him to document the occasion. Walked with him to his art class, and then had a chat with his teacher about what he’s been saying. I told her that I’m sure he’s just being overly sensitive like I was growing up, but that I’m concerned about how he’s adapting to school, being around so many other kids, and that I don’t want him to go through what I went through. I asked if there was anyone at the school we could talk to, to help him to adapt better to being around so many other kids. She said she’d have the guidance counselor get in touch with me.

Went back home and started to get back on Aura Kingdom, but ended up having a panic attack. I think it’s just a combination of a lot of things, to include my hormones being out of whack. It was a somewhat bad panic attack, but at least it didn’t last long.

Dinner was Home Chef again, a Marsala Mushroom Gemelli Bake. It was also pretty good.

After dinner, I ended up with a horrible panic/pmdd attack that lasted a good hour. Took a couple xanax over the course of it before I calmed down. Once I was calm again, I got in the shower.

After my shower I got Casey to bed, and then typed this up. Going to quick post those home chef meals and hit the hay. Scratch that, too tired, will do it tomorrow.

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