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Tuesday & Wednesday

Had to Google (well, Bing really) how to save Secret of Mana. It’s like a version of Zelda I recall, where you have to go into an Inn. Got that saved and eventually ended up back on Aura Kingdom to do a few things with Autumn before bed.

Guess I slept ok, but had trouble getting out of bed on time Tuesday morning. Then Dave suggested to Casey that he have breakfast at home, when we were already running behind to catch the bus. So, I sighed and got him some breakfast and drove him to school. It doesn’t really matter whether he takes the bus or I drive him, I just thought it’d be somewhat special if I drove him just the one time a week. But, I would rather have a few minutes to get my wits about me before rushing out the door, and I woke up too late to do that and still get him to the bus on time.

Once I got back home, I got some coffee and got on with my usual. Got on SL to park, got on Wiz to garden, and then attempted to get on DDO for the dice roll, but their servers were down. So, I went on to Aura Kingdom. Did my usual there, and played on and off for a while.

Dave asked if I wanted to go to that coffee place for brunch after he took a shower, so I said sure. He said he had a lot of homework to do yet, but that we should stop by Walmart to get a few things. So, we headed out once he was clean and dressed, and had an amazing lunch. I really like Revolution in Black River Falls. I had a ham, cheese, and mushroom panini that was their special for the day. Dave had a lunch bowl. We shared a cheese plate while he told me about all the bad things about eating meat. Hopefully he will one day stop trying to push the Vegan diet on me, I’m not interested. I’ll eat Vegan once in a while, and a lot of the meals I’ve tried so far are delicious, but I’m not converting 100%.

After we’d eaten, Dave asked if I wanted to go to the Walmart there or back in Tomah. I said we could check out the one there. It was much nicer than the one in Tomah, the floors and everything was in the newer style. It appeared more clean and well-kept. We ended up getting a few more things than we went for, and forgot a couple things we needed.

Then we headed back home and got the stuff put away. I hopped back on Aura Kingdom, and Dave went to work on his homework a bit.

Dave went to get Casey from the bus stop, and Casey was asking where I was when he walked in the door. I was just about to the top of the stairs by then, so Dave told him I was right there, lol.

Casey got on the Nintendo, so I went back to doing my thing and Dave went back to doing his. And this is how the afternoon went, until it was time to start dinner.

I made some tacos for dinner, with ground turkey and chorizo. They turned out pretty good. We had soft shell instead of the usual crunch. Dave only ate one taco, Casey ate 2, and I ate 3. Dave’s so weird about food. He’ll wolf down enough for 2 people one meal, then another he’ll eat like a bird. I don’t get him.

Got dinner cleaned up and went back to more Aura Kingdom, Casey went back to the Nintendo, and Dave went back to his homework. After a little while, we got Casey to sit on the toilet. About the time the Nintendo died, I told him he’d been sitting there long enough anyway, and it was time to get him ready for bed.

Dave told Casey he could do his important stuff and then lay in bed with his tablet for a while. I wish he hadn’t done that, Casey needs an earlier bedtime! But, I can’t be the mean one and put my phone down. So, I gave Casey until 8:30 and then went and read to him.

Kept playing Aura Kingdom with Autumn until I was ready for bed, which was a bit earlier than the night before. I was exhausted, I must have really needed to catch up on some sleep. Ever since we got back from our camping trip, I’ve been getting poor sleep. I felt more refreshed and rejuvenated after not sleeping at the camping trip than I have been when I’ve been sleeping since. Maybe those grungy antique looking beds at the campground are better for me, lol.

Got about the same quality of sleep as I have been, and had just as much trouble getting out of bed. Managed to get up and got Casey ready in time for the bus, but then I offered him a choice of breakfast at home or breakfast at school. He said he wanted to eat breakfast at home, so I got him some cereal and milk and made myself a coffee.

Got him to school and came back home to find my coffee still sitting on the Keurig. Well, that’s handy. How does someone manage to forget about their coffee anyway? So, I grabbed it, stirred it up as best as I could considering it was the latte mix, and headed to my room.

Got on SL to park, then got on Wiz to garden, and then DDO to do the dice roll. It was then that I remembered the servers had been down the day before, and I’d forgotten to log back in later in the day to do the dice roll. Oh well. I should probably not be doing them anyway, since Colin doesn’t and it gives XP that he’s missing out on. I’m not sure why he doesn’t do the dice rolls, considering he’s the one who told me he was doing them daily to begin with. He said not long ago that, no, he has never done them daily. I’m not sure why he told me that, then.

After that I got on Aura Kingdom and did my usual morning stuff on there, like the Temple of the Eidolons and changing my outfit. Then I ended up spending a good bit of time standing around doing nothing. Autumn came on, but wasn’t on long before she said she was going to get her RL friend and watch movies all day. So, I logged off too.

Had leftover tacos for lunch, and then got on Secret of Mana for a while. I was progressing well enough, but then got to a point where I was stuck. I’ve been using a controller to play, because the keyboard commands are whack-o. I don’t think it’s a game meant to be played with the keyboard and mouse. But, I ended up having another character added to my party, and I couldn’t use the controller to make her move. When I’d use the keyboard, she’d move, but not with the controller. I’ll need to do further research and testing to see if I can make it work with the controller, because I just can’t play that game with the keyboard.

I got a phone call from the hospital in La Crosse about the MRI I was supposed to have at 7:30. They wanted to know if I could come in earlier, as they were pretty much open from 4pm onward. I said I’d get dinner started soon after and leave as soon as I could. I played on Secret of Mana a little while longer and then went to start dinner.

It was only about 2:30, and the meat had only been out of the freezer since about 10:30. It had seemed to be about thawed when I’d checked it earlier, so I’d put it in the fridge. No, it was still frozen. So, I went ahead and left for the MRI.

I got to talk to Colin on the way there, which was nice. I had to restart my phone, though, because Skype wasn’t working right.

I am so proud of how well I did with the MRI! I’d taken a Xanax about an hour or so before I left, but not the amount of Xanax I’d taken for previous MRIs. For the first half of it, I could feel my heart pounding, and I was having trouble staying calm. But, for the second half, I did a better job of controlling my breathing and managed to make it through.

After the MRI, I went to Panera for dinner. Apparently, according to the Swarm app anyway, I hadn’t been there since April. I suppose that sounds about right. I had my usual, a half Frontega Chicken panini, and baked potato soup. I also got a free bagel, so I picked an Asiago, and had the onion & chive cream cheese on it. I also got a few cookies to take home and share with Dave and Casey. They’re shortbread cookies in the shape of a pumpkin with orange frosting.

Just before I left there, I got an email from Casey’s teacher that left me feeling highly disappointed in him. He’s been refusing to listen to or cooperate with them, yelling, crying, hiding, etc. This is the kind of behavior we’re used to at home, especially when he’s tired, but we’re trying to get him to stop acting like that, not to start acting like that at school as well as home.

Drove home, talking to Colin again, and talking about the situation with Casey at school. I wanted to just take the electronics away from Casey for a very long time, and Colin agreed it would be a good punishment since he practically lives on his electronics like I do with mine.

Got home and asked Dave if he’d gotten my email. He said he only gets emails a couple times a day, when he manually checks. So, he read the email while I got settled back in. Then I went downstairs and paused the Roku, Casey was watching some Mario Minecraft show. I told him that it was time to get ready for bed, but that I wanted to have a chat with him first. Casey headed straight for the kitchen table, as if reading my mind, and Dave and I chatted with him about what has been going on at school. When we asked him why he’s been acting that way, he said that he’s just always so tired. We said we’d start doing an earlier bedtime for sure, and see if that helps him feel better when he’s at school. This is his first year in “real school,” where he’s there all day 5 days a week, and I know he’s pretty exhausted at the end of each day. His whole life he’s stayed up until about 9pm, but that’s just too late now that he’s so busy. We’re going to start having him get ready for bed at 7:30 and be reading to him by 8.

Once we were done chatting, he got his important stuff done and I read to him. It was about 8:15 or so when I was done, which is much better than 9pm.

Got my free book & paid emails done. I do them daily, just usually while I’m also playing Aura Kingdom. I need to get back to doing them earlier in the day, but it’s awkward with Casey in school. Getting up that early, the free book emails aren’t in my inbox until I’ve been up a few hours. I just need to pick a time to do them, and try and stick relatively close to that time. Sometimes, if I wait until too late in the day, a lot of the books are no longer free. But, I probably don’t need to do the free book emails anymore anyway, considering I probably have over 15,000 free books in my library by now.

Going to get back on Aura Kingdom and do miscellaneous stuff until I’m ready for bed.

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