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Tuesday & Wednesday

Woke up at a somewhat reasonable time. Got my latte and got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dropped him off at school, then waited to see if I’d hear anything from Colin.

Well, I did. And it was not pretty.

This eventually (like, Wednesday) got posted on my SL Facebook:

I’m sorry, I don’t like airing dirty laundry on Facebook but I need a “ventilation system.” And today I was left even more hurt and let down and maybe he’ll read this and understand.

So a few months ago I meet a guy in RL and fall in love. Colin had been super supportive, since we can’t be together in RL and he knows I’m polyamorous in RL. Meanwhile, lately Colin’s been going on and on and on and on about sex, knowing that the constant talk of it and “teasing” puts me off. So then last Tuesday I hook up with Daniel and when I tell Colin about it (since he’d been super supportive) he gets all quiet. I kept asking to make sure he was ok, and he said he was fine. Next morning, I wanted to do stuff with Colin of that nature, and he informed me he’d already satisfied himself that morning, and he always tells me (which I strongly feel is a lie) that he can’t get aroused for quite some time (like 24+hours) after doing that “solo.” So I keep my mouth shut. Then in the afternoon he says he’s going to start getting his alt on SL, who happens to look like fucking Barbie, and put her in poses for sexual gratification. I hung up on him. I later messaged him that if I ever found out that he’d done anything with any alt of his or any other character online that it would be over, because, at his insistence, we’ve always been exclusive online. He gets all pissy with me about me galivanting with Daniel and leaving him by the wayside like a leper, roughly his words. I point out, which he already knows, that his going on and on about sex is the reason we’re not having any, because it puts me off. So we don’t talk for a few days. Then have a conversation on Monday and everything felt tense but not terrible. Then yesterday he says he’s “not right” so doesn’t want to talk, and proceeds to get on SL and start to dismantle shit, telling me part of what he was going to dismantle was his photo studio on our shared land, which he knows I love and have been fighting tooth and nail for him to keep up.

So, he wants to fuck Barbie and watches porn featuring tiny Asian chicks, making my fat ass feel inadequate, but making me feel like it’s my fault because he’s not getting it from me when he would be getting more from me if he’d just shut up about it. Then he dismantles shit on SL that means something to me, it feels like he’s dismantling my heart.

I might also mention that lately he doesn’t seem to want to do ANYTHING together with me. He refuses to get on SL with me anymore unless it’s for “that” and now he’s refusing to play ANY game with me. Except he’ll get on Conan on single player.

So, I ended up feeling pretty depressed all day.

Meanwhile, I got on Aura Kingdom to check things and then got on Minecraft. Because of the above, I struggled to function, so just kinda stood there. Eventually Autumn woke up and joined me, which made things a tad easier.

Went to pick up Casey, and ran into Courtney. Daniel was also there. I walked over to Courtney and chatted with her. When the boys came out, they were asking me and Daniel about having us over to their house. Daniel said things weren’t quite ready yet, but almost.

Came back home and got Casey on the toilet, and resumed Minecraft with Autumn. When Casey was done in the bathroom, he joined us. Stayed on there on and off throughout the rest of the day.

Got Casey to bed, later than I would have liked. Then kept at it on Minecraft. We were looking for a way into a structure I’d found underground in my mine. Autumn found a video, and in watching it I found the entrance. Explored around there a bit, then headed back to our homes and logged off for the night.

Wednesday, woke up feeling pretty down still. Got my latte and got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Colin offered to talk after picking Casey up, the conversation of which led to the above-pasted Facebook post.

Got on Aura Kingdom to check things, then Conan to refresh the bases, and then on to Minecraft. Did a lot of fishing and gardening while waiting on Autumn. I also worked on filling out a couple of maps for our wall, but then returned to the fishing and gardening.

Once I tired of the fishing and gardening cycle, I just kinda stood around, for ages. I was doing other things on the computer, only peeking occasionally to see if she was either showing as online on Discord, or that she’d joined the world. Eventually I got tired of being logged in for no good reason, and logged off. It was getting close to time to pick Casey up anyway. It was shortly after that, that she tried getting on Minecraft.

I explained that bit to her, and also told her about how Daniel had said things at the house were almost ready, and I wasn’t sure if he’d want to have us over.

When I got to parent pick-up, Courtney and Daniel were nowhere to be found. I’d thought Courtney was permanently taking her kids off the bus, but maybe I was mistaken. And I guess Michael was going back to Leanne’s on the bus? Who knows. The lack of communication from him really kills me.

On the way home, Casey said his tummy had been feeling icky all day. I figured it was just because he needed to go to the bathroom, since it’s been ages since he has, despite making him sit on the toilet every day.

So, got him to sit on the toilet when we got home, and I got on Minecraft with Autumn. I wanted to go ahead and fill in a couple more maps for the wall, so she joined me.

When Casey was done trying in the bathroom, he got on Minecraft as well. I’d thought he’d want to lay down after he was done in the bathroom, but guess not.

After we finished filling out the maps, we tried to find the nearest mineshaft. It wasn’t where it was supposed to be, though. So, we headed super far away to the nearest Woodlands Mansion, which took us quite a while to get to. By the time we got there, it was time to get Casey to bed. It was already later than it should have been, but he was lolly gagging anyway.

Once I had him tucked in, I got in the shower. While I was drying off afterward, I took care of some dishes and refilled my water cup. Then I got on my PJs, brushed my hair, and got back to Minecraft. Finally we were able to explore the mansion.

After we were done exploring, we started flying back toward home. We were both getting sleepy from it, despite stopping at temples and villages along the way. The first temple we stopped at, I accidentally blew up. Oops!

When we were getting close to home, I told Autumn she could just TP if she wanted, that we were close and I could warp-fly. Flying faster isn’t something she can do, because of her lag. The map doesn’t load and she can’t keep up. So, she TP’d home and I flew back in double-speed. Then we both logged off and went to bed.

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