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Tuesday & Wednesday

Tuesday, I got up and got my latte while the computer booted, then got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. I dropped him off at school about the usual time, then headed to the clinic for my chlamydia re-test and to discuss a diaphragm with them. Thankfully, all I had to do was pee in a cup for the re-test.

After my appointment, I headed back home and got on ArcheAge to take care of my morning gardening while also dealing with my free book & paid emails. Once all that was done, I went to Walmart for a few groceries. As usual, I got more than I needed, but not by a whole lot.

I brought the groceries home and got them put away, then hopped on Fallout 76. I took care of some miscellaneous maintenance-type tasks, then worked on quests a tad bit until it was time to go pick Casey up.

After bringing Casey back home, I had him get on the toilet and I got back on Fallout to work on questing more. When Casey was done trying to use the bathroom, he did his usual so I stayed doing what I was doing.

I got Casey to bed around the usual time, then kept questing on Fallout until I was ready for bed myself. I passed on chatting with the Raider guys I’d recently met, I wanted to get to bed earlier. I didn’t get to bed earlier anyway, and kinda wished I’d talked to the guys a bit.

Wednesday, I got up and got my latte while the computer booted, then got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. I got him dropped off at school just on time, then headed to La Crosse for my appointment with the Gyno again.

Yay for no biopsies this time! That doctor sure has a fetish for scraping the crap out of my ladyparts. He acted confused about why I was there for a diaphragm, saying “you’re not going to get pregnant.” Umm, hello?? I just lost a baby a couple months ago geez. How can you possibly try and tell me I’m not going to get pregnant (because of the surgeries) when I just was 3 months ago??

I’d gotten a video from Daniel on Snapchat telling me good morning, so we’d been chatting a bit. It seemed I may be able to come by his parents’ house after my appointment, so I let him know when I was done. Then I could tell he was reluctant to let me come over, I guess his mom has told him in the past “I don’t run a whore house.” I told him I’m not a whore though, that I’m a girl he’s been seeing for a year. Then I shared the video for “Whore” by In This Moment to him lol. He finally gave me an address, which I felt like was a huge step considering how this year has been.

When I finally got to his parents’ house, after getting lost a couple times, I didn’t know which door to go to so I was just kinda waiting outside. Then his mom came out and was asking who I was and what I wanted and all sorts, even though we’d met before and she knew I knew Daniel. She said he wasn’t home, but his car and his truck were both there. Then he came out and she went back inside. He tried to get some information out of me about my plans for this weekend, but I wanted it to be a surprise so I kept my lips sealed. It seemed like he didn’t really care for surprises, maybe?

As I was leaving to go home a couple hours later, his parents both came outside and were talking to him, and I sensed he was kinda in trouble for having a girl over. I’d like to say that he’s a grown man and can do what he wants, but it is their house so he does kinda have to respect their rules.

Once I got home I grabbed a bowl of cereal. I hadn’t eaten anything yet the whole day. After I finished eating, it was time to go get Casey from school. When I got him home, I got him some cold medicine since I could tell he needed it. Then he laid on his bed watching shows on his tablet.

I finally got to take care of using labor on ArcheAge, then my free book and paid emails. Then I got on Fallout 76 to work on questing there.

I’d texted Dave to let him know that Daniel and I were going out of town this weekend. His response finally came in, asking how I’d pay for the expenses, if I’d gotten a job. I didn’t even respond, but I was freaking out because I didn’t have enough money to cover a hotel and everything, and hadn’t asked Daniel to help.

Dave got home a short while later and was going off on me about going out of town, the money to do so, and talking down to me about not having a job (he doesn’t know about DoorDash or Uber Eats), and mentioning that I said I was supposedly disabled in a way that implied he thought I was full of it. As if he doesn’t witness, regularly, my knee problems. He also reiterated that in 12-18 months he’s moving, without me. But he said he was taking Casey with him.

Over. My. Dead. Body.

I quickly managed to figure out the plans for the weekend so that Daniel and I can still go, then spent a while talking to my mom and my friend Laurie about the other stuff Dave had said. First and foremost, I need to get in more hours delivering so I can save up enough of my own money to get the hell away from the bastard. I also need to get on the waiting list with the Sparta housing authority, for low-income housing. I need to get Casey into counseling for having to put up with Dave’s narcissism. Casey told my parents when we were there a couple months ago “Daddy is mean and yells a lot.” Without me prompting, I need him to admit that to a therapist, and eventually the judge overseeing the proceedings as well, that Dave’s abusive to him as well, and not just me. But I also need to, when the time is right, report to the military about Dave’s abuse, and possibly even about him seeing Jennifer. They’ve tagged each other in posts on Facebook, so I’ll need to print the ones that are more suggestive of their ongoing relationship. He will get into a lot of trouble with the military for “adultery” even though we’re separated. The question is — if he’d get kicked out or not for it. If he would, then I won’t report it because as his wife of 18 years I’m entitled to my fair share of his retirement income. When I go to the military to report him, it will be about the same time that I’ll be ready to move my stuff out. I’ll even request supervision to make sure Dave doesn’t try to mess with anything.

After sorting through all that, I got Casey a bath and got back to Fallout to try and take my mind off things. On the outside, I probably appeared normal. On the inside, I was freaking out.

After Casey’s bath, I had him get ready for bed, then I read to him and tucked him in. I got back on Fallout for a bit, but shut everything down around 10:30. I stayed up until almost midnight talking to Daniel, before finally putting my phone down to try and sleep.

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