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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

The store meeting for Kwik Trip was in the morning, so I went to that and ended up getting a large coffee when a small would have sufficed. The meeting went well, and I brought home some information about a free program offered by the store for counseling type services. There will come a time when I am discharged from Lisa’s care, but may occasionally need a bit of advice. Instead of going through Mayo for long-term, hopefully using the resources offered by my work will help me.

I spent much of the day after that doing some decluttering, and it felt great! I threw a bunch of stuff away that I didn’t need anymore, mostly from when I’d worked as a Passion Parties Consultant. Well, Passion Parties doesn’t even exist anymore, so why hang onto that stuff? After picking Casey up from school, I had to stop by a hardware store to pick up a new Sterilite Modular storage drawer. I’d looked online and they were the only local place to carry them. I use 2 of them and 1 of them was caving in the middle from the way stuff was stored on top of it. I ended up getting some drywall cut to bring home to set on top of them to hopefully prevent that from happening again.

I spent some time on Second Life in the afternoon and early evening, but then ended up getting on ArcheAge: Unchained in the evening. I played around on there until I was ready for bed.

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