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I got up at a reasonable time considering how late I’d been up the night before. I got some coffee while the computer booted, then took care of my free book & paid emails. Dave was home from work, and I had a meeting to go to at Kwik Trip, so I got dressed and headed there. Shortly after getting home from the meeting, Casey and I had to go to his Speech and OT appointments.

The Speech appointment went well, but when we got to OT everything started falling apart. I could tell Casey had to use the bathroom but he completely refused. About halfway through the appointment, I put my foot down, but he just pitched a fit instead of cooperating. We finally got him to go to the bathroom, and despite his insistence that he did not have to go, it was obvious he was mistaken. I’m really concerned at this point about his ability to sense when his body is trying to tell him things like that he has to pee. It’s something we’ll be covering in OT at least.

We headed straight home after the appointments. Casey was asking if he got anything taken away and I told him we would talk about it with daddy when we got home. I’d texted Dave when Casey started pitching a fit, telling him to make sure Casey’s electronics were nowhere to be found. When we got home, I explained what happened to Dave and I said that I felt Casey needed to be without his electronics for at least the rest of the day on account of his behavior at being asked to go to the bathroom. Dave seemed in agreement.

I got on Black Desert and played around on there for a while.

Casey was bored, so I read to him and tucked him in earlier than usual.

In the evening, I got ArcheAge Unchained for Cyn so she’d play with me. She got it installed and we got on there, but I started dozing off so I headed to bed.

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