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Got up later than intended, but managed to get Casey up on time, fed, and off to school.

Came home and got my coffee, then got on SL to get dressed.

I was still feeling pretty exhausted. After scrolling through Facebook while listening to Colin drone on about all the YouTube videos he was watching for hours, I was ready for a nap lol. So I laid down for a while.

Went and got Casey from school, had him sit on the toilet, then he got on Minecraft and I kept on scrolling through Facebook.

Made some spaghetti for dinner, with no meat but with cheesy garlic bread that was left over from the night before.

After dinner I got on Wiz for a bit. While I was getting Casey tucked into bed, I got disconnected for inactivity. I didn’t bother getting back on.

Watched an episode of Criminal Minds, then started watching an awful French movie called Love. It really is awful, but it’s one of those that’s so bad that you can’t stop watching it. Kinda like Nymphomaniac was. I even watched the sequel to that one.

After watching about an hour and a half of that, I went to bed.

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