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Had a real hard time getting out of bed Tuesday morning. Somehow pulled it off and got Casey up, fed, and off to school. It was kinda a struggle, he was tired. He was moving very slow and we were going to be late. He was being defiant and all-around grouchy with me.

Spoke with his teacher and she said that on Monday he’d gotten a sub sandwich for lunch and refused to eat, crawled under the table, and wouldn’t move. Mr. Wolf had to come in and coax him out.

Went back home, got my coffee, and got on SL to park.

Heard from Daniel in the morning, just a quick text. At least it was something, I guess. It just really bugs me that he posts stuff on Facebook but doesn’t text me back very much.

After a while of scrolling through Facebook, I finally heard from Colin. I’d gotten a grocery list sorted out and went to Aldi. Only spent about $39 and got enough food for dinner for the next week.

Went home, put the groceries away, then worked tirelessly on getting the kitchen and dining rooms cleaned up. The only thing I didn’t get done was the floors. But at least now we’d have a clear space for carving the pumpkin after dinner.

Got Casey from school and had him sit on the toilet right away. It’s been several days again since he’s been able to go. He sat there a while, and I wrapped things up with Colin for the day.

For dinner I made tacos with beef & chorizo. They were good, but the chorizo always upsets my stomach.

Dave and I talked with Casey about what had happened the day before at school. He said he’d ordered french toast sticks and was mad that he got the sub. We explained to him that the proper response would have been to tell someone in the cafeteria so it could get fixed, not act the way he did and crawl under the table.

Dave kept bugging me with the 3rd degree about Daniel. He doesn’t know Daniel’s name, but he now knows that I had met him a while ago (not how long exactly) and that Sunday night was the first time we’d done anything. I didn’t want to give out any more information than that. I don’t want him knowing about my love life. We’re separated, heading for divorce. He said at one point something about me turning into quite the little whore, that it’s too bad I wasn’t like this before. Ass hole. No, I’m not turning into a whore. I’ve fallen for someone.

Rested for a short while after dinner, then got started on Casey’s pumpkin. We got it cleaned up, got the stem cut out, and then Casey started drawing the face on it. Dave came out to join us, and Casey was drawing the face kinda small for carving purposes. Dave started trying to show him the size that he needed to be drawing the face. They switched to another side of the pumpkin and Casey started again. Dave got impatient, took over with the carving knife, and next thing I know the pumpkin is done and Casey didn’t get to do a damn thing other than draw a face on the opposite side. I was pissed.

After the pumpkin carving, I got Casey in the bath to soak and resumed resting. My knee was achy after the cleaning from earlier.

Got Casey washed up and ready for bed, then tucked him in.

I finished watching Fifty Shades Freed, then got on Aura Kingdom just to check if anything good was going on. The paragon table was pretty awesome, and I landed on some great stuff. I got one of my Eidolons upgraded, a couple mounts upgraded, and achieved getting an Almighty Lv3 mount with some stat shuffle stones. My mount had been an Almighty Lv2, which gave me 10% boost to ALL stats. Almighty Lv3 is the same but 20% instead of 10%.

After getting the mount upgrade, I decided to try the dungeon again that I’d been stuck on. I got past the first boss without dying, died once from the second boss, but then struggled with the final boss. One of my online friends conveniently asked if I had discord. He added me and had asked what I was up to. I told him I was trying to defeat Matterhorn, and he was like “oh boy.” We ended up doing a video call, but instead of him being able to see me he was able to see Aura Kingdom through screen share. That was pretty cool. He gave me lots of tips and sat patiently with me while I tried again and again to defeat the boss. Finally I got a working combo and did it!!

I was kinda wired after that, but it was past midnight and I needed to get to bed, so I said goodnight to Kaze and went to bed.

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