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Just an average day. Got up and got my latte, got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Took him to school, then came back home and got on Aura Kingdom to relist items on the Auction House.

Headed to Aldi to get some groceries, I kinda felt like cooking a few things. Came home, got the cold stuff put away, then hopped on Minecraft. Spent time on there on and off throughout the day, but wasn’t really up for doing a whole lot. Mainly just put some finishing touches on the house I’d built the night before.

Spent a bit of time working on moving one last part of my old site over to Wix. It had over 100 pages to transfer, one by one. Most of them I’m going to put in the Forum section, as I think having any sort of community make contributions would be best, given the content.

Talked to Colin for a while once he was up. He was supposed to have gone to an art program but ended up falling asleep, his parents left him to it. While we chatted, I got some chores done around the house. First I spent some time reorganizing some things with my office supplies, then I also got the rest of the groceries put away and took care of the dishes.

Went and picked Casey up from school, brought him home and had him get on the toilet as usual. Kept talking to Colin while I cooked dinner. I hadn’t made tacos in a while and wanted them, and had gotten the stuff at the store for them that morning.

Once dinner was ready, I got off the call with Colin and got Casey off the toilet. We ate our tacos, and then I headed back to the computer. I didn’t feel like getting on Minecraft, so I instead spent the time just scrolling through Facebook and Pinterest a bit.

Once it was time to get Casey ready for bed, I got his vitamins and PJs out. I’d been having him start getting ready for bed around 7:45, but then he spends 20 minutes talking to Dave and doesn’t get into bed until nearly 8:30. So, I told him we’d need to start this process earlier because he’s supposed to be in bed and being read to by 8.

After Casey was in bed, I got back on Minecraft and resumed working on the new ocean house. Autumn got on with me and got to see the place, she really liked it. There were just a few last things to do with the roof, and then it was pretty much done. My favorite part is the glass basement where you can look around at all the coral and tropical fish swimming around.

Headed to bed at a reasonable time, around 11.

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