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I’d had to set my alarms because there was not yet any official word about school Tuesday when I went to bed Monday night. It’s not like the snow storm was going to miss us, so it would have been nice to have the notice come through Monday night. Anyway, so my alarm went off and I checked my phone, sure enough no school. Of course not! So, I went back to sleep for a little while, but not very long.

Got up, got my latte, got parked on SL, then took care of my free book & paid emails. Then I spent way too much time scrolling through Facebook, before heading outside to start clearing the snow. I asked Casey if he wanted to come outside with me and either play in the snow or help me shovel. Ordinarily, he’s more inclined to stay inside. This time, he accepted my invitation.

As we were getting ready to head outside, I had a message from Autumn that she needed entertainment. It kinda irritated me, because it implies that I am her entertainment. I’m happy to hang out with her on a game and actually play games with her and all that, but I cannot be her sole source of entertainment.

I finally figured out how to start up the snowblower, and went to work. About an hour or so later, the driveway was clear and Casey had started helping with his snow shovel. We were going up the steps to start clearing that, and I started duping huge shovels full of snow onto him. He started dumping shovels full of snow back onto me. Next thing I know, I’m drenched from head to toe. He was wearing his snow-suit, so he was mostly dry. We got the porch and steps cleared and headed inside. I took off all my clothes in the basement and just put them straight into the washer, and had Casey put his pants and socks into the washer since they were a bit wet.

Got some hot cocoas going for us, then sat back down at the computer. Mostly spent time scrolling through Facebook again. I wasn’t really up for playing a game, unless it was DDO. And I didn’t want to play my main character without Colin, and wasn’t sure if I wanted to play my Rogue solo. So, I left it alone.

For dinner I made a chicken & rice casserole, just a frozen family size meal. It was pretty good. I would have maybe used pasta instead of rice, though. Had some garlic ciabatta to go with it, one of my favorite types of garlic bread. Dave doesn’t like it all that much, but whatever.

Dave managed to piss me off. Surprise, surprise. He has this nasty habit of just, appearing in my doorway and speaking at the very moment of apparition. It scares the shit out of me. Not good for someone with anxiety. Anyway, he did that Tuesday night. I said, “Why do you do that? Just appear and start speaking without making a sound to indicate you’re coming??” He made some remark about being in the Army and needing to be stealth so the enemy doesn’t hear him approaching. I said, “I’m not the enemy…” He says “Yes you are, you have been for 16 years.” That stung.

Spent a bit of time going through news stories on Flipboard, and then spent some time on my web site trying to get my Flipboard widget to show all the stories I’ve “flipped” and not just a “read magazine” button. I couldn’t get it to work.

Finally got the will power (?) to log onto Conan to refresh the bases. I didn’t want to let it go too long, but when I’d gotten up in the morning it was too close to when the server would reset, and I didn’t feel like it anyway. Got them refreshed anyway, though.

Tried to log onto Secret of Mana to see if I could get the controller to work right on it, but I couldn’t. Once you get to a certain point in the game, you have to control your character and an NPC simultaneously. With the controller, it doesn’t seem possible to do that without breaking other functions. I couldn’t remember what I was supposed to be doing anyway, so I gave up trying.

When it was time, I got Casey ready for bed and tucked him in. I chatted with Autumn for a short while, she was complaining about it being lonely in her flat world on Minecraft that she was building in. I didn’t feel like getting on Minecraft, I was actually already pretty tired. So, we only chatted for a bit before I logged off for bed.

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