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Got up and got my latte, then got on SL to park while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dropped him off at school, then headed back home. Played around on SL a little bit, then headed to Walmart. Picked up the few things we needed, then headed back home. Got the groceries put away, then sat down with the breakfast sandwich I’d picked up from Subway on my way out of Walmart.

Chatted with Daniel for a while on FB Messenger. I was the one who took the conversation to the naughty stuff, and I even invited him over for lunch (like, actual food). But, he didn’t come over. It was actually kinda refreshing to have a conversation with him without it leading to actual sex. I happened to mention SL and he said he hadn’t heard of it, but that he was thinking of getting a new computer and would check it out. That’d be fun, if he joined.

Meanwhile, I was trying to do stuff on SL with Autumn, but didn’t really have a plan in mind. So instead, I put together the metal shelving unit I’d bought at the store so I could reorganize some things in a closet that had been pissing me off. Got the shelving unit assembled, emptied the closet, mopped out the floor, and then put everything back in.

After that I took Autumn to Hell House, but there seemed to be a lot more nude stuff around and she ended up leaving to go to something cutesy. I followed her to where she’d gone, but didn’t see anything I really liked. I took her to Half Deer, another cutesy store, and we each got some Gachas.

We were just sitting around my house after that, I was looking on the marketplace for kitchen or bedroom stuff because I wasn’t happy with what I had out. Autumn started complaining that she’d spent real money on SL just to stand around and do nothing 90% of the time. I didn’t feel that we were standing around that much, what with all the shopping we’d been doing. So, I took her to another amusement park, and then an aquarium. I bought a nifty message board that was for sale at the aquarium, then dropped it off at the house. People can left click to add stuff to it, which is cool.

Then we got on Minecraft. Mostly I ended up just mining, then a bit of fishing, before going to bed.

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