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Got up and got my latte. Had some trouble getting on SL but eventually managed to get parked. I went to get Casey up, to see if he was feeling well enough to go to school. He said he was still not feeling very well. The doctor had said yesterday that another day of rest would be best so that he wouldn’t get worse, so I didn’t push too hard. I told him he needed to spend the time laying down and resting, though, and not playing Minecraft. He agreed, and laid in bed with his tablet.

Got on Minecraft for a while and did the fishing I had wanted to do all day yesterday but was unable because of my computer problems. I was only a few casts away from the level I needed to put mending on my pickaxe when I got kicked from my own realm just because Cyn logged on. That was bizarre, must have been glitched. When I loaded back in, it put me underwater, and by the time I could move, it was too late. I had drowned. I was able to recover all my stuff, but the xp floating at the bottom of the water only amounted to 7 levels, not the 32 I had before I died. I was pissed, and tempted to just log off Minecraft, but I was determined to complete the objective of putting mending on that pick. So, I went back to fishing until I reached level 33. Put mending on the pick, but it was actually a different pick so it was cheaper. I was also able, then, to upgrade the sharpness and looting on my sword.

Logged off of Minecraft a while after that. Cyn had logged off a while before that to take a nap. I kinda roll my eyes every time she says she’s going to take a nap, which is a lot. I think she confuses tiredness with boredom, so when she can’t think of anything valuable to do with her time she just goes to bed instead. And she’s relying on me for her sole source of entertainment, except for Jordan’s two days off a week when she watches Anime with him. And this morning I was busy fishing on Minecraft, and she had “nothing to do” despite the fact there was plenty she could have been doing. She got bored, so, she slept.

I started messing around on Roblox a bit, and learned that it’s not entirely what I thought it was. I didn’t realize that people actually use Roblox to create games, that they then publish for the world to be able to access and enjoy. That’s actually really cool. There’s a game on there I’d like to try, but I’d have to buy the Roblox coins, which I don’t want to do, despite that game’s stellar reviews.

After extensive searching for something I felt like doing on Roblox, I went to the Steam store to see if I could find anything there. I was looking for an MMO that was NOT free to play and also did NOT require any sort of subscription. DLC I don’t mind, but not the sort where you have to spend shit loads of cash to get anywhere. After quite a while, I found a game called Antaria Online. It’s still in early access, despite being over a year old. It was only 99 cents, and looked like it was super cute and possibly fun. I went ahead and bought it and got it downloaded and installed.

It turned out to be very similar in game play to a lot of the other games I’ve been playing lately. It reminded me a bit of Wiz, and a bit of Aura Kingdom. There are in-game purchases, but after hours of playing I couldn’t find any reason to spend real money. Maybe impatience? Or vanity, there are costumes you can get in the game and maybe you can buy them with their currency as well? I haven’t checked.

I heard from Cyn after I had been playing a little while. I’d told Colin shortly after we got off the call today that it would be able to run on her computer, that she might like it. But when I heard from her, I decided not to outright say what game I was playing. I told her I’d found a new game on Steam and was playing it. If she asked I’d tell her, or she could launch Discord on her phone or PC and find out that way, but I wasn’t going to volunteer anything. Her and I can’t do absolutely everything together. I can’t be her sole source of entertainment.

After a while she said she’d wanted to do something on SL but couldn’t remember what, and that’s what she gets for laying down again. I cannot believe she took another fucking nap. That much sleep is really not healthy, and I’m beginning to worry that she’s suffering from depression, and not just boredom.

Casey had spent the day resting and watching movies on the big TV downstairs. After dinner, he asked if he could play Minecraft. I could tell he was feeling better, and he even seemed excited for school the next day, so I told him he could. He had less than an hour before he had to get ready for bed anyway.

Casey had a lunchable for lunch earlier and it came with Nerds candies. I guess when he ate them he spilled a bunch under the kitchen table. I thought I’d gotten them all swept up, but apparently Dave had found a bunch more when he was getting ready to eat dinner. He started bitching about having to hire a maid now because the person’s who’s here all day isn’t getting anything done. I get TONS done, he just doesn’t give a damn about what I DO he only cares about what I DON’T do. Such has been the problem for years. I can have the whole house spotless, he’ll find something to bitch about.

Got him tucked into bed at the usual time, and went back to Antaria. But, I couldn’t get the sound to play through my earbuds, and thought that watching my shows might be a good idea anyway. So, I logged out of Antaria and launched the soon-to-be-retired CBS app so I could watch NCIS and NCIS: New Orleans before bed.

It’s nice to watch my shows again. I got so far behind, but I was able to snag a free month of CBS All Access. I have a limited time to get caught up the rest of the way, and now that I’m watching them again I think I’ll be able to commit more time to them over the next week or so, and then be caught up in time.

Once I’d watched an episode of each show, I got back on Antaria to do a bit more questing as I wound down for the night, then headed to bed.

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