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Woke up early, as is my new normal. Got the computer booting up and peed in a cup right away. My stomach was giving me troubles for the rest of the morning, so I didn’t have any coffee until later.

The test result was getting more vivid, definitely pregnant.

Got Casey up, dressed, and fed, and dropped him off at summer pack. He was there about 50 minutes again, until I went to get him for swim lessons with some coffee in a travel cup, I was feeling better and needed the pick-me-up. Picked him up and headed to Fort McCoy.

Swim lessons started off fine, but then he flipped because he was getting water in his eyes again. He refused to get back in the water and threw a full on tantrum. I couldn’t get him to snap out of it no matter what I tried. Then it was time to leave. I could hear him crying the entire time he was dressing in the locker room.

Headed back to the school and dropped him off, then went home. Took care of my free book and paid emails, then got on Conan to refresh the base on the official server. After that I got on DDO to deal with the auction house stuff, since it had been a while. Then I got on Aura Kingdom to do some of the daily stuff.

I was able to talk to Colin for a while, but still hadn’t heard anything from Cyn.

Picked Casey up at the usual time, and thankfully he looked to be in a better mood. Headed home and got him to sit on the toilet for a while.

I was feeling really sleepy, so I had him get off the toilet. He played on Super Mario Maker on the Nintendo 3ds while I laid down for a nap.

Got back up a couple hours later and got some dinner for us both. After I was done eating, I started reading some more of my book. He kept playing Super Mario Maker. He was nice enough to not play it in my room, because I told him I was trying to read and would like it to be quiet. Otherwise he’d just keep talking and talking about what he was doing and it would distract me.

Once I finished my book, it was time to get him tucked into bed anyway. I spent a bit of time spider farming on Blade & Soul, then working on the new quests a bit. I was still tired, though, so I ended up going to bed around 10:30.

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