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Woke up at a pretty reasonable time for it being a “school” day. Got my latte while the computer booted, then got parked on SL. Casey woke up before I went in there, I just hoped he’d gotten enough sleep. Got parked on SL while getting him dressed and fed. I got on Archeage to start tending the crops I’d planted the night before, since I had enough time before having to leave the house. Dropped him off at Summer Pack, then came back home and resumed my work on Archeage. Did a lot of Iron mining, since it was needed for the Skateboard I wanted.

I stupidly ended up buying a house on Archeage. That drained my credits and my gold, and I’m determined not to spend any more of my money on this game, even though I could quite happily lol. I did some trade routes throughout the day to work towards getting back what I’d spent as well as having enough for another month of Patron, and when I wasn’t doing trade routes I was either working on leveling up my two-seater mount or working on growing my crops for the trade routes.

I was supposed to have a coffee date with this guy, Jeff, but he got a call that a repair guy was able to go fix his dryer so he had to go just after getting there. I did wonder, briefly, if it was a ruse, and he’d actually had someone call him to fake it, but my newfound confidence doubted that was the case, and the conversation later in the day proved it wasn’t.

Picked Casey up at the usual time, brought him back home and had him do his usual thing before letting him get on Minecraft on his computer.

Dave wasn’t home from work yet when Casey was getting ready for bed, but got home just as Casey was done. They chatted for a minute while Dave changed, but then Dave told him he was going to ride his bike for a few minutes. Why the hell would you tell a kid, who’s ready for bed, that you were going to ride your bike? Of course he wanted to go out, too. And ended up stubbing his toe on his bike pedal and having to get carried back inside and to bed. Ah well, the Minecraft book distracted him from his toe, and I got him tucked in.

Got back to my stuff on Archeage. I was able to stay up later more easily, then got to bed. I had horrible heartburn, though, that kept me up until sometime after 1am.

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