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Woke up later than I wanted to, but still early enough to make it to the movie. Got some coffee while the computer booted, then got parked on SL. Took care of my free book and paid emails, then got ready to go.

The movie was really good, much better than I expected. I almost want to say I prefer it over the original animated movie. I was uncertain how Casey would react to certain scenes, like when Scar kills Mufasa. I’d reach over and grab his hand when I knew a scene like that was coming, but he wasn’t disturbed by them in the least. He was especially fond of Pumba’s farts, as I would expect from any 7 year old boy.

After the movie we went to Best Buy so I could return the Bamboo Ink pen that didn’t work with my computer, then we headed home.

Dave got home right after we did. I headed straight to the kitchen to take care of the dishes I hadn’t gotten to before we left. Dave had groceries to put away and was making gestures to indicate he was highly frustrated that I was doing the dishes. Geez, it’s not like it was going to take me that long to put a few dishes away, calm down!

Casey got settled in with some shows on the Roku, so I got on the computer. ArcheAge was still down, so I patched Blade and Soul. I wasn’t really feeling like playing, but was glad to have gotten it up to date anyway. After that I checked Portal Knights, mainly just to get my character back to the home island since the last time I’d been on I’d logged out in some random place.

I spent a good bit of time talking to a guy I matched with on Tinder. His name is Paul, he’s 43 and seems very nice so far. Tinder doesn’t ever notify me of new messages, so we started texting. We have a lot of common interests, and he’s not an immature 34 year old so he has that going for him. He seems very understanding about the situation with Dave, which is also a huge bonus.

I patched Wizard 101 and logged on there to check things out. There was a new pack out that had a blue dragon mount I wanted to collect, and I had a ton of crowns I didn’t expect to otherwise use since I don’t actively play the game anymore, so I went to town and depleted my in-game funds. I did not get the mount I wanted, but I did get many pets.

Brandon from ArcheAge eventually got on Wiz as well, and I spent a while showing him all my houses. When we were done, we were going to farm the Loremaster a bit, but then realized the time and both logged off to go to bed.

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