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I got up and got my coffee while the computer was booting, then got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. I dropped him off at school around the usual time.

I was chatting with Mindi a bit and she warned me about Daniel’s stalker tendencies. As I was leaving the school to head back home I saw his car was parked in the spot next to the one behind me. Once I got home, I watched for a while to make sure he wasn’t going to try and come over.

Once I got home, I just messed around on Facebook while chatting with her more about him and his behavior that we can expect. Basically, she’ll probably hear from him in a few more days wanting to see her again. For me, it’ll be about a week after that because of my reaction. If I’d all-out gone off on him it would be another week after that even, but I didn’t. We have to be strong, say no and mean it. But, we will have to be prepared for him to show up and try to talk to us, try to persuade us to sleep with him again. We are strong and able!!

I took care of my free book & paid emails as they came in, then headed to Walmart to get some groceries. I was chatting with Tommy a bit and secretly hoped he’d show up there, but he’d also mentioned that he had to work. I’d talked to Russ in the morning and he’d said he had something going on in Tomah in the afternoon, so there was that possibility as well.

I came back home and got the groceries put away, then sat down with some brunch while still messing around on Facebook.

I talked to Colin for a while and had the crazy idea to set up a Twitch stream for my gaming. Some people make crazy amounts of money doing that, who’s to say I can’t? It’d be a super easy and fun way to make money from home, anyway.

I got busy getting everything set up and even watched a YouTube video on how to add your Twitch stream to your web site. That felt a little odd, watching YouTube for something Twitch related. But oh well, it worked.

By the time I had everything set up, I only had half an hour to mess around with it before going to pick Casey up from school. I logged out of SL on the computer so everything would run better, and decided I’d start using the tablet for it again.

As I was heading out to pick up Casey, I told Mindi and Colin both that I was worried he’d be at parent pick-up. Normally I wouldn’t be concerned, but it’d been raining so he probably didn’t have work, and he’d mentioned that Leanne was working more hours and he would have Michael a few more days a week. Thankfully, he wasn’t there.

Casey said he’d fallen a couple times at school and his right knee was sore, so he sat with an ice pack for a while, just watching stuff on his tablet. I kept messing around with the Twitch settings, trying to get it ready, and also posted the stream to my Facebook. I’m kind of nervous about the idea of anyone I know watching me play games, but maybe some of the people with money will tip me lol.

I got a message from Russ that he had gotten the days mixed up and wouldn’t be in Tomah until Wednesday. I hope I am able to make some plans with him to meet. He’s a very good looking older man who is looking for a monogamous long term relationship.

I mostly just spent the rest of the afternoon scrolling through Facebook until it was time to get Casey to bed. Once he was snuggled in, I got on Fallout and did a test stream. The test stream lasted a few hours because I kept getting new viewers, and I even got a new follower out of it. At first I was afraid to speak, both out of shyness and because I didn’t want to listen to Dave bitching at me for it, but I grew more comfortable with it and felt like I was able to better interact with my viewers.

Unfortunately, I was experiencing heavy lag in the game, so I tried restarting the computer. That was a mistake at that time of night. I started dozing off waiting for it to reboot, so I ended up just telling everyone I was going to bed instead.

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