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I slept in quite a bit. I got up and got some coffee, then took care of my free book & paid emails before hopping on Fallout 76. Casey was busy with his various devices, so I stayed busy with that throughout the day.

Dave had gone to Illinois to help his brother move. They’d be closing on their house very soon, and Tom’s pregnant wife, Holly, would not be able to do much to help. Dave said he’d be back sometime Christmas morning to spend it with Casey.

I talked to Brad a bit via text, but not a whole lot. I really miss him. I want the best for him and am proud of him for deciding to detox, but I want to spend time with him too and I hate that he’s not up for it.

I got the presents wrapped in the evening and put them under the tree. “Santa” would come while Casey slept in my room, “he” brought new Minecraft sheets for his bed.

Once Casey was tucked in for the night, I plugged in some earbuds so I could keep playing Fallout without disturbing him. I stayed up too late but enjoyed myself.

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