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I got up and got some coffee while the computer booted, then got dressed and parked on SL while also getting dressed in RL and getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. I dropped him off at school at the usual time, then headed back home.

I took care of my free book & paid emails as they came in, then handled the finances. Things are still looking pretty good there, so I was pleased. Once that was done, I called the Housing Authority to find out what the deal was with the letter I’d received.

So basically, the letter was for this Section 8 voucher that would let me rent anywhere, *except* where I’m trying to get into, at a discounted rate. The place I’m trying to get into already offers that discounted rate (30% of my income) and therefore cannot use the voucher. However, should I at some point wish to move somewhere else, I would want to be on the list for the voucher. And for Kilbourne, the place I’m trying to get into, I’m #5 on the waiting list, so it could be in the next couple months that I move out of this hell hole.

Once all that stuff was done, I tried to do stuff on SL with Cyn but she said she was distracted by Anime she was watching. I thought about it and decided I wanted to go to Onalaska and try to do some deliveries. That worked out in my favor when the only delivery offer I accepted wasn’t around for me to give him the food. Per the app, I was able to keep the food and still get paid. The dude must have spent over $30 on his meal, the Admiral’s Feast from Red Lobster. That would make for a tasty free dinner later! If I hadn’t stopped at McDonald’s for food to eat while working, I would have eaten most of it before leaving town.

I didn’t really have time for another delivery after that, so I headed back home. I posted about my experience on Facebook, and a friend sent me a private message about it. I explained that I have to drive all the way to Onalaska right now to work. I would like to deliver in Tomah, but the apps all say it is outside the delivery area. Not even Sparta is within the delivery area. I said I wouldn’t mind doing some deliveries on the sly, and she said I should start a Facebook group for it. So, I did. And Leti invited all her friends to join it, and a lot of them did!

I picked Casey up from school at the usual time, then we headed back home. I got on SL with Cyn while he played on the Switch. I heated him up some chicken nuggets with my leftover free food, then started a bath for him a while after we were done eating.

I got into my Chewbacca avatar on SL and went to the Sci-Fi event at the Furry store Cyn likes going to. I was quickly told that my avatar had been ripped and could not participate in the event. I was offended, and said as much, and told them I would not be going back. The accusation of me using an avatar that had been ripped was insulting. Especially when it was far from the truth! Against Copyright policy, maybe. But not ripped. Cyn was being argumentative with me about it, and it felt like she was defending the store/club. That was even more of an insult. I ended up just going home and changing into my Pixie avatar and staring at the computer for a while.

I got on Fallout 76 on the Xbox and did a couple runs looking for lead, but there was none to be found so I headed back to my camp and logged back out. I’d like to play more on there and actually do stuff, but I would like to do stuff with other people and not just by myself all the time.

I sent Brad a text asking how things were going, and he was super excited to tell me that he found out he’d gotten the job he’d interviewed for a couple weeks ago. I said we should celebrate, which led to some filthy messages from him and eventually resulted in me going over there.

We hung out watching videos on YouTube and chatting for a few hours, then finally headed up to bed. He told me again that spending time with me is basically the highlight of his night. And he eventually also said he only shares himself with me. I whispered, not quite as under my breath as usual, that I love him. And then we slept.

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