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Since Brad had spent the night Monday night, I was able to get up earlier on Tuesday. I got some coffee while the computer booted, then waited for Dave to drop Casey off. I was messing around on Facebook and, as a result, we were almost late to his Speech appointment. I took an alternate route, though, that got us there almost 10 minutes faster.

After Speech, we stopped at McDonald’s for some lunch to eat on the way home. They messed up our order the first time through the drive-thru, trying to charge for an extra drink that I didn’t request, but failing to charge me and give me the large fries I asked for. I also had asked for a lot of ketchup, which they seemed to think equated to 2 packets. I went back through the drive-thru to complain and also to get the much-needed ketchup. They wanted to charge me for the ketchup, but no way! If I were able to dine in, I could get as much ketchup as I wanted at no cost!

Finally, we made our way back home. Casey got settled in with his Switch, and I took care of my free book & paid emails.

It was weighing heavy on my heart, the entire situation with Brad. He says we’re “not a couple,” but then what are we? What else do you call two people who get along as well as we do, both in and out of the bedroom, who hold each other all night long while they sleep? And, even though he was drunk at the time, he did once tell me he loved me. That is not something people do if they are “not a couple.”

I’m really not sure what way will be best to talk to him about things. Do I wait until he’s at my house, and possibly too tipsy to later remember the conversation? Or do I attempt to carry it out over text, when he may stop reading my messages and therefore never respond? Either way has its pros and cons. But either way, the conversation has to happen.

I ended up sitting in my recliner and reading an entire book. It obviously wasn’t a very long book, but I was still pleased to sit down and read one straight through.

I spent much of the rest of the day on Facebook. I did try a teasing text to Brad, hoping to hear from him, but it didn’t pan out.

After getting Casey to do his bedtime stuff, I hosted for Wild Angels on SL. I didn’t have a DJ, and there weren’t many people there, but I made it through it. Afterward, I headed to bed.

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