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I got up before Brad did, but he got up right after. I got dressed and headed home, careful not to go over too many bumps. Once home, I got some coffee and booted the computer. Casey was up super early, so he had quite a bit of free time before having to start on schoolwork. He got on the Switch and I went ahead and got on Black Desert on the Xbox.

I played around on BD until my free book & paid emails had arrived, then took care of those before heading right back to the game. I was sure to get Casey to do his schoolwork, of course, throughout the day.

I was also sure to start the claim with Geico for the car. I made an appointment for the following day to drop it off to be appraised. Enterprise would be there with a rental for me.

I was panicking about how Dave would react, but he didn’t say anything when he got home from work. It wasn’t until he came back in from greeting Jennifer that he said something, so I guess he hadn’t noticed until then. I told him I hit a deer, not wanting to admit I’d hit a parked car and done that kind of damage to my car.

I got Casey tucked into bed around the usual time, then got back to BD until I was ready for bed myself.

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