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I got up and got some coffee while the computer booted, then took care of my free book & paid emails while Casey worked on some writing. I hadn’t gotten a lesson plan for him for this week, but I wanted to make sure I was still working his brain.

Once I was done going through emails, I got on Black Desert on the Xbox. I played around on there while also making sure Casey did some reading on the app his teacher gave us access to.

We went to Walmart around lunchtime to get a few things, then headed back home. I got everything put away, then got back on the Xbox to play more Black Desert. I was trying to catch a particular fish, so most of my time was actually spent working on an ad-rating project for Appen while I let the game fish automatically.

Dave had gone to Jennifer’s first thing in the morning. I had noticed when I had gotten up that he’d opened mail that was addressed to me, which is a felony even between spouses. It was paperwork for the car insurance to release my car to them for auction, and we both needed to sign it, so I wasn’t too worried about it. But then when Dave got home from Jennifer’s, he went off on me about the contents of my mail that he opened, and said that as soon as the car was dealt with we needed to figure out this divorce thing. He also went off on me for putting his name on my new car, which I did not even do! Because we are married, I had to include his income with my application, yes. But I did not include him in the paperwork besides saying how much he makes annually. But he must have looked around in my paperwork for that because how else would he have even known that??

I got ready to go to work, and once I got there I texted Brad what had happened and how frustrated I was. He said I need to call Jag. I need to contact the housing authority as well and find out if they’re still moving forward with applications right now with the Covid thing going on, and where I am on the waitlist to get into Kilbourne.

Work went well, it was a bit of a distraction too from what had happened earlier. And at least once I was done for the day Dave would be asleep so I wouldn’t have to worry about him going off on me again for any other things he nosed around with.

Once home from work, I turned the Xbox back on and got back on Black Desert for a few hours, until I was ready for bed.

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