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Groggily, I got up and got some coffee while the computer booted. I spent a bit of time on Facebook while waiting for my free book & paid emails to come in, then took care of those before hopping on Black Desert for a few minutes to check things.

Casey got started on his schoolwork while I did all that.

After I was done on Black Desert, I got on Fallout 76 for a few hours. I took over a couple workshops that had resources I needed and spent the time maintaining them. I also did a bit of questing.

Jennifer had stayed at our house Monday night. When she finally left in the morning and Max was freed, he ended up getting sick all over the kitchen. Dave tried to pass it off as him just eating too much, but I think it was anxiety about having been locked up.

Dave ended up going golfing with Jennifer in the afternoon and was then going to stay the night at her place. Why did she even have to come over to our house Monday night then and force poor Max to be locked up?

I talked to Cyn a bit and we decided to try getting on Minecraft. She had an idea for us to build a city, and I thought we might be able to build a suburb outside of the pre-built city from a mashup I had. Unfortunately, I was getting an account-related error on the Xbox. I was able to get on the PC and would just have to later transfer whatever world we ended up in over to the Xbox when the bug was fixed.

I exchanged some texts with Brad. He’d had a rough day at work. First I said he deserved some warm lips after all that, and then when I didn’t get a response for several minutes I offered ears to listen. He said he wasn’t in the mood to talk, but he didn’t decline the offer for the warm lips. I let him know that if he wanted the warm lips he’d have to come over to my house since Dave was gone, but that Casey was in bed. I said no talking was required if he just wanted to take advantage of the warm lips. He finally responded that it’d be within about an hour and he’d let me know.

Cyn and I ended up getting on Second Life so I could see her new house while waiting to hear more from Brad. We chatted a bit in her new house, then I finally got word from him that he would be heading my way if I was still up. I said I was and he got here about half an hour later.

I was in the bathroom when he got here, but the door was unlocked so he let himself in and made his way to my room. He was sitting on the bed when I got in my room, so I went over and kissed him. I figured, since he wasn’t in the mood to talk, we’d just make out and go to bed. We kissed a bit and then he started telling me about how work had gone the past couple days. Then we started snuggling and he started talking about the war and some of his memories. He started feeling angry about the war and was going to go outside for a smoke, but realized he’d left his cigarettes at home. So we ended up doing the usual then going to bed.

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