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Thursday, October 29, 2020

Waking up to snuggles from Brad is the best way to wake up! Not only did I wake up to snuggles, but he hit snooze on his alarm a couple times to keep snuggling.

I spent some time on Black Desert messing around throughout the day. For lunch, I wanted Taco Bell, so I placed an order in the app and went to pick it up. A while after eating, I headed back out to pick up a Walmart grocery order. Part of the order included dog food and treats that Cassie likes. Yes, I wanted to bring her home. Despite her fear, I had a soft spot for her and wanted to show her what it’s like to be loved again.

After school, we met Cat, the foster mom, and Cassie at a park. We took Cassie for a walk and chatted about various things. After the walk, Cassie was nosing around my van. I opened the door, and Cat encouraged her to get in. She sniffed around, and we were able to close the door. This was it, we were bringing Cassie home!

She was very nervous at the apartment and spent a lot of time pacing and whining. I was worried about how things were going to go with us having to go out for Cub Scouts for a bit.

Casey did an awesome job selling popcorn for about an hour and a half, then we headed back home. Cassie had left a few surprises for us, including some broken blinds, and I could tell she was absolutely terrified that she was in trouble. But talked calmly to her to reassure her that I wasn’t upset because there she was in a new place and left all alone.

She kept doing her thing of pacing around. I got on Black Desert but also was sure to spend some time talking soothingly to her. Finally, it was bedtime. When I got into bed, she jumped up with me, but then jumped back down. I tried to call her back to bed, but she wouldn’t come back.

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