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Thursday, Friday, & Saturday

Slept ok Wednesday night, despite some pain in my knee. Got up and got my latte while I parked on SL and got Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dropped him off at school, then headed back home and got on Conan.

Continued grinding away on Conan on and off throughout the day.

Oh, I’d made Chili for dinner Wednesday night. A big crock pot full, a double batch. I was going to freeze some of it. Well, when Dave went to bed, he turned out the light in the kitchen but didn’t put the chili away. I didn’t know that, and had no other reason to go out to the kitchen, so the chili sat out all night. Wonderful. Thanks a lot, Dave! You couldn’t have been bothered to put the damn chili away, or at least leave the light on so I’d have a reason to go to the kitchen??

Had a dentist appointment at 1pm, just a regular cleaning. They did a periodontal check since I have periodontal disease, and I’m much improved! That’s good! I know I don’t really take care of my teeth the way I should, I need to change that so I can continue improving.

Had a bit of time to relax after the dentist appointment before going to pick Casey up from school. Once he was home, had him get on the toilet and then got back on Conan myself. When he was done in the bathroom, he just did his usual stuff, alternating between his tablet and my Nintendo 3ds.

I’d had a stomach ache all day, and wasn’t really sure why. I suspected it may have had something to do with the cortisone injection, but it was really uncomfortable and I ended up just having crackers for dinner.

When Dave got home, he started bitching at me about leaving the chili sitting out all night and wasting $20 of food. I snapped back at him about it being his fault for turning the light off and not having either put the chili away or let me know it needed doing. He was pissy about that the rest of the night, but it was his fault it got wasted, not mine.

Got Casey to bed about the usual time, and then continued on Conan until I was ready for bed myself. More of the same, grinding and farming the scorpion boss for the XP.

Slept ok Thursday night, and my stomach was just a bit better when I woke up Friday morning. Got my latte and sipped on that while I got on SL to park, and got Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dropped him off at school, and then came back home for some more Conan.

Colin was playing on alts because he didn’t want to get ahead of me like he had been. We’re much closer in level now, and I’ve been farming the Scorpion boss a lot so I think he’s safe to progress, but whatever.

My stomachache came back, so I stuck to crackers again, and alternated between ginger ale and water. Needless to say, I didn’t bother cooking dinner again. I let Dave know that I wasn’t planning on cooking, and that he could either have leftovers or we could maybe order chinese, that I could probably tolerate sweet & sour chicken anyway. He ended up just having leftovers. Fine by me!

Since it was Friday, I let Casey stay up a bit later. He was downstairs watching stuff on the Roku and actually ended up falling asleep down there. I carried him up to bed around 9, and helped him into PJs. He insisted I read to him, even though he’d already been asleep. So, I read to him out of his Minecraft magazine. It’s mostly stuff about how to build certain things, and is highly confusing to me, but the example pictures are pretty cool.

After Casey was tucked in, I continued with more farming on Conan. Colin was still awake, which is unusual for him since he’s in Scotland. We played together, more grinding and farming, until a little after midnight. Then it was time to head to bed.

Slept decent enough Friday night, but didn’t get to sleep in as late as I would have liked. Dave had to work, so he was already gone when I got up. I got my latte and sipped on that while getting parked on SL, made sure Casey had breakfast, and then got on Conan for more grinding and farming. It’s a bit tiresome, but there’s no other way to get where we need to go with it. It’s tedious, but it’s just the name of the game.

The first thing I did was go to aggro the Scorpion boss. I felt confident that I was awake enough to handle the task. The scorpion had alterior motives, though. He ended up wandering over near our house, and all our Thralls (NPCs) got attacked and killed before I could get the aggro back. I had to defeat him, or die, so I couldn’t get the gear off all the bodies. By the time I was done killing the scorpion, the bodies were gone and no loot was to be had. That was devastating.

Colin and I were getting close to a purge, which is where enemies attack the base to try and destroy it. We spent the day doing stuff together to try and make the purge happen quicker. Upgrading buildings, crafting, farming, etc. Every little thing you do gets you closer to the purge.

Dave got home around 1pm, but said he was going to help his girlfriend put together a bed. Casey and I got dressed and headed to the store for some groceries, ended up spending almost $100! Yikes! When we got home from the store, Dave was just leaving. I tried to find out how long he’d be gone by asking if he’d be home for dinner, but he was being vague, just saying he would be gone “a while.”

Casey was playing on Minecraft on and off all day. He also spent some time with my Nintendo 3ds. I got him to sit on the toilet later in the afternoon and he finally went to the bathroom. It was about time!

I made a roasted chicken with carrots & potatoes for dinner. I wanted something more substantial to eat, but wasn’t ready for much more than that. Mild enough, yet tasty.

Casey was ready for bed around 8, so I got him snuggled in. Dave wasn’t home yet, and I had no idea when he’d be home.

We just continued doing some grinding and farming on Conan, and Dave actually got home around 9. Not long after Dave got home, we got the announcement that we were going to be purged. That would give us 10 minutes to prepare, but we wouldn’t be able to do any building until it was done. At the time of the purge announcement, Colin was on a new alt showing me where to place some foundations to prevent him from being able to build. People in our clan can build anywhere on our land, but his alt wasn’t in the clan yet.

The purge came and turned out to be easier than I’d feared. We defeated each of the 3 or 4 waves of NPCs attacking our camp, and then got an achievement for surviving a purge. After that was done, Colin went around repairing everything while I put loot away. Then he got back on his alt and we continued placing foundations to prevent people from building on our land.

Around the time we were finally done with that, I was ready for bed. I got my bedtime stuff done and said goodnight to Colin, then crawled into my bed. I’d gotten a pretty bad headache, from stress I imagine, earlier in the night, but it didn’t keep me up thankfully.

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