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Thursday & Friday

Slept in a bit more Thursday morning. Got my latte and got parked on SL, then jumped straight on Minecraft. Played on there a while with Casey and Autumn, but then Autumn and I both tired of it. I felt obligated to stay and play, because Casey kept wanting to get switched back and forth from Creative to Survival and doesn’t know how to do it himself yet. Eventually he went and played in his play room, so Autumn and I both logged out.

I cleaned mine and Casey’s bathroom sink and toilet. My knee was sore, though, so the shower/tub would have to wait.

Had some dinner, then actually felt like playing Minecraft, so I got back on. Did some fishing, then started trying to find a white horse that Autumn and I had seen earlier and ignored. I wanted to bring it to the village by our new home. I couldn’t find it, and eventually she logged on to help with the search. We brought other horses to the village, but couldn’t find the one I wanted.

Got Casey to bed, then resumed playing Minecraft with Autumn until I was ready for bed myself. She was logging off as well, she was tired already also.

Had somewhat of a rude awakening this morning. Got emails and texts from Geico, someone had tried to reset my password and then managed to file a claim. Because of the sequence of events, I thought someone had hacked my account. It turned out, Dave had ran over a pothole on his way to work, and a metal rod went through his tire, flattening it, and then got stuck in the brand new fender lining he’d just replaced. It was later discovered the metal rod was actually a flathead screwdriver.

While handling that on the phone with Geico and Dave, I managed to get my latte and get parked on SL, while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Thought we were running late, but I was imagining things. That was probably a good thing.

Came back home and got on Aura Kingdom to relist items in the auction house. Then got on Conan to attempt to refresh the bases in the time I had left (10 minutes) before I had to leave for Therapy. I didn’t manage it, but got it good enough.

Therapy went well. I told Lisa about my new post-it: “You are loving. You have so much love to give.” I told her about how my week went, about how things fell apart with Colin, things I wanted to say to Colin, things I wanted to say to Daniel, things I even wanted to say to Dave. For how the week went, she wanted me to write a new post-it: “You killed it this week.” Cuz I did awesome, and got no recognition or appreciation for my hard work. For the other things, she said we’d talk about them next time. I kinda talked her ear off this visit.

Came back home and let Colin know I was home and that Casey was at school for the first and last time this week. When he got home from the beach with his dog, we got on a call. We kinda caught up for a while, then I brought up what we needed to talk about. We talked things through, I think we see and understand each other’s points of view and how things got to where they were. The biggest thing is we spend way too much time together, always have. And we know it, and we know it’s unhealthy, but we do it anyway. We both let it get to a “breaking point” where we just need a break. The biggest problem I still have is his lack of desire to do anything WITH me online, besides certain things. I hope we can work on that going forward.

Picked Casey up from school and had him get on the toilet. A short while later, I get a text from Dave asking me to come pick him up. I gave Casey a few more minutes, Dave had said it was fine to leave whenever Casey was done but that could easily take another hour. Then we went and got Dave from work.

Came back home and got on Minecraft for a minute, then realized it was pointless because there was only an hour before we had to go to the Pinewood Derby weigh-in. So I spent the time scrolling through Facebook and Flipboard instead.

Pinewood Derby weigh-in turned out to be awkward. It wasn’t just Daniel there, Leanne was there as well. That was awkward as hell. I’m sure she suspects something, but idk if anything’s been said to Daniel. She hasn’t mentioned it to me. I didn’t really get to talk to him because they were still working out some things with Michael’s car. He did wave at me at one point. Then Leanne left, and he was sitting with both Michael and Casey. I went over to see what was going on, and Michael first asked me about Casey coming over tomorrow. I said that was fine, that we’d work out the details. Then Michael asked about Casey spending the night sometime. I said that was fine also. I hope I’m still invited to said sleepover. That simple conversation with Daniel, talking about the plans, had me silently hyperventilating. I’m so pathetic. So in love, that’s what it is. Finally the four of us got ready to go, and walked out together. Daniel said he’d text me about tomorrow, but he was thinking about 10 or 11.

Came back home and logged onto Minecraft, expecting Casey to join me from his (my old) phone. He ended up playing Super Mario Run on it instead. Then I asked him to start getting ready for bed, and he ignored me. He’s sitting downstairs with Dave now, and I’m still waiting for him to do his important stuff for bed. I wanted to play Minecraft with Autumn, but have to wait until he’s in bed. I can’t risk going AFK in the middle of nowhere.

So, couple hours have passed. Struggled to get Casey to finish getting ready for bed, he was complaining that his side hurt. He was running around a lot and wrestling with other kids at the church where we meet for Cub Scouts, so he probably twisted the wrong way or something. A good night’s sleep should get him in tip top shape for a busy day tomorrow. I hope he’s up for going to Michael’s.

Did some exploring on Minecraft, which resulted in mining in existing cave systems. That’s something I do enjoy. I managed to fill my bags and had to discard some things in favor of others.

It’s not very late, but I’m kinda tired, so think I’m going to try to sleep.

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