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Thursday & Friday

Got up earlier than intended, considering I could have slept in with it being the first day of spring break. Got my latte, got on SL to park, then got on Conan with Colin to refresh the bases. After that, it was Aura Kingdom and DDO for auction house stuff. Then I took care of my free book & paid emails before finally getting on Blade & Soul.

Spent some time doing daily type stuff on my gunslinger before getting on my assassin to try and level her as fast as I could. Spent the rest of the day questing on her.

Casey did a bit of this and a bit of that. He kept asking about Minecraft, but I wasn’t up for having him in my room all day, so I kept putting it off. I ended up starting a bath for him, had a bit of a disagreement about whether or not I would wash him. Let him cry for a while and then threatened to take stuff away if he didn’t get the job done. “The water’s cold. I’m too tired.” Same stuff all the time these days. So, I took away the laptop for the rest of the day, made him wash himself, and made him take a nap after. While he napped, I got in the shower.

The Cub Scout Pack meeting was that evening, but Casey was too tired to get ready to go, so I let him sleep. I went ahead and went, since I thought there’d be dues of some sort to pay. I knew I owed for when we camped out at the Children’s Museum anyway. It was awkward being there without Casey, even more so because there weren’t many people there. Nobody else from our Den was there.

On the way home, I grabbed some Taco Bell. Dave and I agreed for a change that it was foul. We ate it anyway.

Eventually, it was time for Casey to get ready for bed… he’d gotten up around the time I was getting home and had some tacos with us.

After that, I did a bit more questing on my assassin, but wasn’t up very late myself, only another hour or so, and then I went to bed myself.

Had to get up early today for Therapy. Got up earlier than I actually needed to, but that was because I wanted plenty of time to relax with my coffee. So, got out of bed and got that, then got parked on SL before hopping on Blade and Soul. Got on my assassin right away, but didn’t get much questing done before it was time to go.

Therapy went well. She finally read that chapter of “More Than Two” and now I pretty much have to reread it with her notes to reflect on it, as well as reread probably the whole book because I don’t remember most of it, only the “good parts.” We talked about a few other things, fine tuning the direction we are going to take now: socializing me.

After Therapy, came back home and got back on Blade and Soul while Casey played in his playroom. He was asking about Minecraft again, but damnit I just, I’m not in the mood to have him sitting right there and going on and on all day about stuff. I’d had like 9 or 10 days straight when he was sick, only a 3 day break, and now he’s home for 5 more. It wouldn’t be so bad, but, he’s frequently whiny, fussy, demanding, etc. because he’s still not fully over his cold related stuff. Finally he ended up downstairs watching shows for a bit, and then back in his playroom, and then Dave was home so I wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore.

When it was nearing bedtime, Casey asked about a slumber party. I told him we could see about maybe tomorrow night, but he ignored me and proceeded to start pulling the trundle out from under the daybed anyway. I kept telling him over and over, not tonight. Maybe tomorrow night. But he kept pushing the issue, and eventually I gave in because if I don’t, he’ll go crying to Dave and Dave will start bitching at me about not letting him sleep by me because “you just want to play your stupid game.” And despite the fact that I know, it’s my room and it’s perfectly ok for me to do whatever the hell I want and that Casey needs to be sleeping in his own bed like a big boy, I don’t want to listen to Dave bitching at me about it. So, yeah, I caved.

Kinda puts a damper in my plans for the rest of the evening. Going to have to be tethered to the computer by a headphone cable, and won’t be able to get on voice if I decided I wanted to talk to others in the Discord server. Going to be stuck listening to only the sound of the game.

Why does Casey always have to get his way? It’s not fair! If we don’t give him what he wants, he either goes crying to the other parent or he starts screaming bloody fucking murder until he either gets EVERYTHING taken away or gets his way. And, regardless of whether he gets stuff taken away or gets his way, he still ends up screaming for a while and hurting our fucking heads. WE are the PARENTS. This is NOT RIGHT.

So, yeah. Being all parental and shit, I’m going to play my game with headphones on once I’m done finishing up this pizza. Will probably go to bed early on account of it’s tiresome all this shit going on in my head.

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