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Thursday & Friday

Got a text around 5am Thursday that it would be a snow day. I’d been able to hear the freezing rain against my window all night, and there was also lightning and thunder to go with it. I went back to sleep, but around 7 Dave brought Casey into my room to try and wake me up for school. I let them know it was a snow day, but ended up getting up.

Got my latte and got on SL to park, then got on Conan to refresh the bases. After that I got on Aura Kingdom and DDO to check the auction houses since it’d been several days. Then I took care of my free book and paid emails. Finally I was able to get on Blade & Soul. Spent some time farming Moonlight Buds, and was able to get a pair of legendary gloves with them. I even had materials to evolve them, which was nice.

Scooped the litterbox and got it put back in it’s spot from having to clean up a mess around it the day before. Made sure to get laundry going before Dave would get home and have a chance to take over the washer and dryer. I used the last of the detergent, so I texted him that I would get more the next day.

Took Casey out to work on clearing the heavy slush off the driveway, but we weren’t able to finish. His hands were getting cold, and I felt like I was going to throw my back out. Not to mention my knee was getting pretty sore, and my good brace is out of commission.

Headed back inside and got some hot cocoa, and worked on dishes since I’d run the dishwasher earlier that day. I needed to make sure it was emptied before Dave got home, or he’d bitch about it I’m sure. Then I cleaned the fish tank, since it was overdue again. It wasn’t bad, but needed to get done.

After that I took the time to rest. I got my PJs back on and got back onto Blade & Soul. Spent a bit of time farming peaches, but mostly just stood around wondering what else I could do, lol.

Got Casey in the bath after dinner, and kept standing around doing not much of anything on BnS. Once Casey was washed up and dried up, I got him to do his important stuff for bed. Tucked him in, and then took care of my faction dailies on BnS. Me and a couple others from the clan, including Autumn, went to Soulstone Plains to farm some materials for the clan crafting. That was enjoyable. When we’d done that about half an hour, Autumn and I logged off and I headed to bed.

Friday, got up and got my latte, got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dropped him off at school, then headed back home. Got on BnS and started farming Moonlight Buds. Turns out there were other accessories I could exchange buds for. Spent about an hour or so doing that, and had farmed up enough for a couple more things. Got those and evolved them as much as I could.

Headed to Walmart to get some things, including laundry detergent. I couldn’t remember all of what I needed, but some of it I remembered while I was walking around the store. Then headed back home and got everything put away, and sat down with my yummy subway breakfast sandwich. Got back on BnS, but didn’t have any plan in mind.

Was sure to get the dishes taken care of, and scooped the litterbox again. They’d filled it up pretty quick. Made more progress on laundry, so Dave would be free to occupy the machines. My knee was pretty sore, though, so I tried to take it easy.

Picked Casey up from school, and was surprised to see Daniel there. Naturally, the boys wanted to have a play date after school, but I wanted to rest my knee and they had to go meet Leanne. I guess Daniel was only picking him up, but she was having him over the weekend.

Headed home and got Casey to sit on the toilet, and I ended up getting back to BnS for more Moonlight Bud farming. There were two more accessories to get and it wouldn’t take too long to get enough buds to be able to get them.

We were supposed to have a cub scout meeting, a crossover event for the older cubs to transition into boy scouts, but I was too sore to make it. I ended up putting ice on my knee instead.

When Dave got home he asked me to get the rest of the clothes out of the dryer so he could get some stuff dry for work the next day. I took care of that in the middle of the moonlight bud farming, lol.

Casey was watching stuff downstairs up until it was time to get ready for bed. Got him ready and tucked him in, then got back to BnS and started working on a quest I hadn’t completed. It involved 4 raid dungeons, but I was able to get a party together for all four. The last one I was still loading when the others attacked the boss. Luckily I’d made it in time to get credit for the quest. I then tried getting a party together for another raid that would be more difficult, but couldn’t find a good team. People kept leaving the party, some left and came back repeatedly. I gave up and went to Celestial Basin to farm peaches until I was ready for bed.

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