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Thursday & Friday

Got to bed pleasantly earlier than expected Wednesday night. That was good, since I had a full day coming Thursday.

I got up early enough to enjoy some coffee and check my gardens on Wiz. Then I had to go to physical therapy. It went ok, the cute student was there again so that was awkward. Since I had an appointment after PT to see my knee doctor in Onalaska, they took a bunch of measurements and did some testing to see how things are progressing. I’m actually improving to their standards, but I feel like I’m paying for it with lots of pain. Honestly, I’m not even doing the exercises at home because in between Physical Therapy appointments I’m just in too much pain. Plus, Dave’s leaving chores for me to do, like the litter box and dishes, and that takes up any energy I have during the day.

After physical therapy we (me and Casey) started the drive to Onalaska. I’d thought my appointment was at noon, so was originally planning to stop for lunch on the way, but come to find out the appointment was actually at 11:45, and I had to be there by 11:30. There’d only be 20-30 minutes to spare, and I didn’t want to feel rushed to eat. So, we went straight to the doctor’s office instead.

The appointment went about the same as any other has gone lately. Physical therapy is working to strengthen the muscles surrounding the bone, but the pain will be there until I can eventually get the total knee replacement. The doctor’s office is going to have the physical therapist get the measurements for the actual brace, and it’s going to be custom made to fit me. The measurements will be different from what they measured at the appointment that morning, since those were measuring how far I could bend and straighten, and move in various ways. The doctor wants to do this injection called Synvisc, which would be a lubricant put straight into the joint. She thinks it would benefit me, but it’s only supposed to last 6 months and she thinks it would wear off after just a few months. To tide me over between those injections, they’d want to do cortisone shots. Since the previous cortisone injection made my pain a lot worse, I think it’d be best to avoid the injections altogether. I’m just not sure what to do anymore.

After we were done at the doctor, I asked Casey where he wanted to eat. He wanted Culver’s, so we headed there. I kept making wrong turns, so what should have taken about 5 minutes took 15. But, we made it, got our food, got our dessert, and then left.

I didn’t tell Casey what we were going to the mall for, but instead surprised him with going to Build-A-Bear. Since the Pay Your Age event had gotten canceled, they’d given members a voucher to use for $15 off a bear. That’d still make it about $15, depending what you choose, but that’s better than full price. Casey picked a Chase dog from Paw Patrol, and I let him pick out clothes for him as well. How can you have a character stuffed animal and not have them look just like the character? The clothes added another $15 or $20, then we did the birth certificate and got him a box to go home in. Still ended up spending $45, so I told Casey it was part of his birthday present, since that’s less than a month away now. He was just glad to have Chase.

After Build-A-Bear I wanted to go to Target. We don’t have a Target closer to us, and they sell the Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products there. I wanted to see what they had, and pick up a few other things as well. Ended up spending over $100 on various things, including 3 hand soaps, a sample/travel bottle of laundry soap, a reusable K-Carafe filter for our Keurig 2.0 since I’ve started buying ground coffee instead of K-Cups, and a few other things.

After Target, I was beyond exhausted, so we headed home. The last bit of the drive was torturous, but we made it. Casey had brought the Nintendo 3ds to play on during my appointments, so he had that. I just had me and my pain for the drive home. I did turn on the radio, which I rarely do anymore because we don’t get strong signals for good stations. But, it was kinda nice to listen to music when it’s not to lull me to sleep.

Got home and set out our purchases on the counter so Dave could see what I’d gotten when he got home. Then sat down at the computer.

Logged onto DDO to see if they’d responded about my missing wand. They said they couldn’t find auction information about an Eternal Wand of Magic Missile, but that they did find a lost item of a Wand of Magic Missile that they returned to me. The difference is that the one that’s Eternal recharges each day, whereas the other one that’s not Eternal gets destroyed after its uses run out. So, I think what had happened was that I’d run out of uses, thought it was supposed to be the Eternal, but was mistaken? Since we did find out that the Eternal one is available from the quest we’d purchased, though, guess that’s next on our list of adventures.

After DDO I logged onto Wiz. They had finished up their housing sale, so I expected that since it was done they’d bring back either the Epic Bundle I want or the house that comes in it, as part of their Throwback Thursday they sometimes do. I figured it’d be just like them, to wait until the housing sale is off to bring back what I want. But no, they didn’t. They’re doing a double pet xp and crowns bonus instead. That’s kind of a relief.

So, I got started on pet training, and managed to get my other Ice Floe Siren up to Mega. That took a lot of energy and a lot of good pet snacks. It was also enough to fry my brain, lol.

In amidst the pet training I had my leftover chinese for dinner. I also did research about the best Ice gear on Wiz, and found that I had most of the items already and was either using them or had found something better. There was one item, though, that I didn’t have and felt I absolutely must acquire. It’s a ring that’s at least double the quality of the one I’m currently using. If I’m going to have Ice as my main character, and use my Ice character to help others, I need the best equipment. This ring can only be gotten as a drop from this Death Tendril thing. It’s in the Castle of Darkmoor Graveyard, and requires a Gold skeleton key, which I have a bunch of.

Got Casey to bed about on time, and then got back to Wiz. First I went and hung around the Graveyard and occasionally asked if anybody else was wanting to go up against Aphrodite II, which is the boss that spawns the tendrils you have to fight. Nobody responded. So, I sent a message to the Discord group saying that’s what I wanted to do, and one of my other friends, Michelle, said she’d help. While I was waiting for her to get on, I kept asking, and found another max level storm wizard willing to help. We did a few battles, but I didn’t get the ring and then we were all ready for bed.

Slept ok, and was relieved to be able to sleep in a bit. When I woke up, I had a little snuggle buddy. I got to snuggle with Casey for probably about an hour before I finally got out of bed.

Once I was up, I grabbed my coffee and headed to check my gardens on Wiz. Heard from Colin and once he got on and I wrapped things up on Wiz, we got on DDO and started working on the Catacombs adventure. We were able to complete 3 of 8 parts before we were both a bit brain-fried from it. I guess the wand I want is an end-of-the-adventure reward. So, we’ll just have to wait until we complete the other 5 parts.

After we got off DDO, we kept talking for a bit while I went through my old e-cig supplies. I mentioned not long ago that I kind of missed the old vape pens I used to use. Not long ago I placed an order for some more liquids, and they offered me a “dollar deal” of a MyBlu e-cig type device. I took it, and it arrived today. That’s what prompted me to go through that stuff. I am working on getting all the old batteries charged up. I found tanks and coils and everything I need except for some varieties of flavors. I think if Njoy has a sale anytime soon, I should get a few of my old favorites. The old vape pens are better suited for PG based liquids, and what I’m using in my vape mods are VG based.

I also worked on getting chores done. I had a bunch of stuff I was throwing away, so I took the trash downstairs to the bin in the garage, and scooped the litter box. Then I swept the stairs and landing, which I haven’t done in a LONG time. After that I hand washed what few dishes there were, but left the dishwasher. I got the toilets cleaned so I could put the little gel blobs in that keep it fresher between cleanings.

After all that, I was exhausted. I got started on my free book & paid emails while I enjoyed just being able to sit and rest.

All the while, Casey was on the Nintendo. Sometimes I’m proud of him becoming like me, because gaming makes me happy. Other times I’m devastated, because he’s just as hooked on tech stuff as me. And it’s not exactly the healthiest of habits. I think he and I both need to find a better balance. But, even when I read, it’s on a tablet. So, I’m not sure how to go about balancing things out better.

Once my free book & paid emails were done, I got back on Wiz, but didn’t really have anything to do. Someone asked me if I could help her, but I declined because she’s questing in the final world, Empyrea, and I don’t want to quest there or do anything there because, being max level, I can’t gain any XP. She still asks me any time she sees me online. It’s frustrating to the point that I may remove her as a friend. She just doesn’t understand that I’m not going to help in Empyrea.

I ended up starting the usually lengthy process of qualifying for a survey on InboxDollars, for extra cash. I’m getting super close, comparatively speaking, to being able to redeem some cash from both InboxDollars and SendEarnings, and heck even PrizeRebel. The videos I have playing in the background daily now are helping a lot, too. They don’t cost me anything to have them playing, the computer handles it fine, and I can keep going about my other activities while they play, and earn money or points toward money. Why not?

Dave got home around 6, and I was working on qualifying for a survey. He said his mom and step-dad had only just gotten to town and were checking into the hotel before they came over. He said they’d wanted to go out for dinner, but he didn’t think we would because they were running so far behind.

I kept working on InboxDollars and Dave went about his usual routine of things he does when he gets home.

About the time they finally arrived, I’d qualified for a survey that involved watching a bunch of video clips. I was able to continue working on that, fairly well, while they socialized with Casey. I went out and socialized a bit here and there, but kept having to sit back down anyway.

We ended up ordering pizza from P’Zones for dinner. Got a deluxe (supreme) for the adults and a cheese for Casey, plus “pizza fries” (cheesy bread). It was pretty good, we hadn’t gotten a supreme pizza from there before.

So, at dinner, Dave’s mom asked about my knee, so I told them the long & short of it. Dave said to me, in front of them, either I’m blowing things out of proportion or I need to get a second opinion. I just love how he belittles me and my medical situation right in front of his parents. Or in front of anyone. The way he said it, it’s like he just thinks I’m blowing things out of proportion, not that I need a second opinion.

I came back to my computer after dinner, and started typing this up. They all continued chatting for a while, and just left a few minutes ago, about 9:30.

Casey’s gotten most of his important stuff done already, so I’m about to go read to him. I need to get my 2nd set of pills, and then I think I’ll get on Wiz again. I’d like to continue working on getting my ring, but just depends who’s online, if I can get help.

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