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Thursday & Friday

Got up a tiny bit better Thursday morning, and got Casey ready and to school on the bus. I confirmed with the bus driver when to expect him home, and headed back to the house.

Got my coffee, got on SL to park, on Wiz to garden, on DDO to do the dice roll, and finally on to Aura Kingdom. Did my usual morning stuff.

I ended up spending most of the day in Aura Kingdom with the training cube, just standing there collecting tiny amounts of XP every 10 seconds provided I didn’t move.

I went to Walmart and picked up some things to get the Cub Scouts information organized. Spent about an hour there doing that, most of which I spent looking at the different binders trying to decide which one would be best. The one I liked that had a strap also had 2 binders that would smoosh together. That wouldn’t be practical at all, so I went with a basic trapper-keeper style binder instead.

Headed home and got right to work printing resources and making a preliminary calendar. By the time I was done, I was pretty pleased with the results, though I also felt pretty certain none of the other parents would be nearly as organized as me. I can be really organized when I’m not too lazy to bother with it.

I took breaks here and there to get the dishes done, and also around 2:30 got things started for the jambalaya for dinner. It’s the best jambalaya I’ve ever had, but it has a TON of meat. It has bacon, chicken, ham, sausage, and shrimp. It’s so good, though!

We headed to the church for our first Den meeting a little later than planned, but still got there a few minutes early. I was surprised to see quite a few other cars in the parking lot.

The Den meeting went well. We’d taken Casey’s Duplos, and the kids played with those for a while. Then, a handful ended up watching each other play Minecraft on Leanne’s phone for a while. We should probably be sure that doesn’t happen in the future, it’s supposed to be a tech-free thing. Us parents got the rest of the dates filled in for our future Den meetings, and picked a couple dates for our popcorn Show & Sell, since we couldn’t all make it to one event and also wanted to hit up more than one place. We still need information on which neighborhoods we can hit up for the door-to-door sales.

After the meeting was over, we came back home and I got Casey a snack before getting him ready for bed.

Once he was in bed, I played actively on Aura Kingdom for a bit, but it’s just so tedious to level up I’m not sure I have the patience for this daily.

I was struggling to stay awake from about 10pm on, but wanted to make it until 11pm for the Temple of the Eidolons to reset and be able to do that again before bed. Somehow I managed, but barely.

Slept ok, but woke up earlier than I wanted.

Got my coffee, got on SL to park, Wiz to garden, and DDO to do the dice roll. Then got on Aura Kingdom and did my usual morning stuff there.

Casey had the day off school for Cranfest, but we weren’t planning to go at the time. He did a bit of painting, which was nice for a change. After he was done, we all ate lunch together.

After lunch, I went back to my computer, and started looking up information on Cranfest. Dave walked by at one point, so I asked if he wanted to go with us. He said no, he had to finish up his homework.

Casey and I got dressed and headed to Warrens to see what this Cranfest thing was all about. It’s only 8 miles from Tomah and supposedly people come from all over the country just to go to it. There were over 1000 vendors at the event, and I’m sure we didn’t get to see even half of them. There was old stuff, new stuff, people reselling new stuff, arts and crafts all kinds of shopping to do. We walked around for a while, shared a meal from one of the food trucks, and then headed back to the car and home.

Once we were home, Casey got situated with the TV downstairs and I got busy on Aura Kingdom with some daily quests to try and get some XP towards leveling up. I did that on and off for the rest of the evening.

I ended up getting in the bath to rest my sore knee, as well as get a bit cleaner after our outing, and shave my legs. My knee has been sore the past couple days, not sure if it’s the way I’m wearing the brace or if my knee just wants to be constantly in use now. It was snapping, crackling, and popping more than rice krispies.

Dave had gotten some beer while we were out and was drinking, so then he ended up craving junk food. He kept bugging me about getting Papa Murphy’s pizza, but we had a TON of food around the house that needed to get eaten, so I put my foot down. I ended up making us a Home Chef, but I forgot to take any pictures or anything. It was a steak ruben. It didn’t taste much like ruben, but it was still good.

After dinner, I resumed working on the dailies. I didn’t get very far towards the next level, but I did the best I could.

Got Casey to bed earlier than I expected him to want to go, since it’s not a school night.

Kept playing on Aura Kingdom, trying again to stay up until 11 for the Temple of the Eidolons, but barely making it. As soon as I was done with that, I headed to bed.

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