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Thursday & Friday

Didn’t sleep the best Wednesday night after struggling to get to sleep again. Woke up later than I should have, so wasn’t able to get Casey to the bus on time again. I wasn’t even going to try, lol. Got him some breakfast and got him to school on time, at least.

Came back home, got my coffee, got on SL to get dressed for the day and Wiz to garden. Skipped DDO and Aura Kingdom altogether. Once I was done with gardening on Wiz, I went back to SL and just hung around the new club for a bit, waiting for Colin.

Colin and I did some shopping and other stuff, mostly just enjoying the time together, kinda like “the good ole days.”

Fairly early in the morning, a little before 10am, I got a call from the school. Casey was in the behavioral counselor’s office because he pitched a fit. Something about him refusing to sit on his square and ending up in the hallway screaming and crying. Mr. Wolf said he was just hoping that I could say something to Casey to turn his day around. I kinda half-heartedly laughed and said well yeah I suppose can make sure his school day gets turned around but yeah. So, I spent about 20 minutes listening to a sobbing Casey tell me over and over again he just wanted to come home, wanted to be sent home, wanted to get on the bus and come home. Over and over. I tried saying different things to make him feel better, putting on my best fake happy voice for him, but to no avail. Same thing over and over. Finally we got off the call. I spent a good bit of time talking to Colin, expressing how pissed I really was. That Casey was going without his electronics, for a while. This is just not cool. He can’t be doing that at school! He doesn’t need to be doing it anywhere at all at his age!

Tried not to dwell on it too much, not much I could do, but I was on pins and needles the rest of the day, worried I’d get a call from the school that he’d gotten into a fist fight or something and that I’d have to come get him. I didn’t, though.

When he got off the bus, I could tell he was sad and tired, and he tried to hug me. I was like, umm, no. I expressed how disappointed I was that he’d acted like that at school, so bad that I had to get a phone call about it. He started crying right away and I barely got him to come home with me. I was worried he’d just walk down the street the opposite way. He kinda looked like he was at least thinking about it. He sat downstairs crying for a while, and then came and told me he was sorry for being a monster. I said thank you, but that it doesn’t undo things. He asked if he got stuff taken away, and I was like, uhh, yeah. He asked what. I told him his electronics, as usual. He started crying again, saying that makes him even more sad. He went to his room and cried, loudly, for a while again. He came and apologized, again. He kept trying to hug me, but I was still upset, now not only for his behavior at school but for it at home as well. He’s just trying to do what he can to get his way, I’m sure.

Eventually he settled and even laid down in his bed, I cooked dinner, and Dave came home. I told Dave what had happened. Casey told Dave another story, that a friend wasn’t wanting to share and he went to tell the teacher, and the teacher ignored what he was saying and told him to go sit on his square, and that’s why he got upset at school. Honestly? I didn’t believe him. How messed up is that, that I don’t believe my own son? Again! Just like when he kept coming home saying people were pushing him or kicking him. Exaggeration at the very least!

Dinner was ready shortly after and I went ahead and ate. Dave was in the shower, and I was done by the time he got out. Then he ate, and then we had to head out to parent-teacher conferences. There, we found out the real story. A girl was helping put things away because it was cleanup time. Casey took a toy out of her hand. He was told to give it back and help clean up, and he refused, pitching a fit. Also, the day before, he pushed one of his friends and told them to move out of his way. Ohhh this is so not good. A thought occurred to me, and I brought up the situation with Mick and Chip. I expressed my concern that he was either witnessing or at least overhearing about these things going on with them and their friends trying to drive a wedge between them, and possibly that was rubbing off on him. I said I wondered if he was witnessing it more on the bus than anything, because that’s when that one incident had happened. So, I let them know I would start doing drop off and pick up for Casey, to see if that makes a difference.

After the conference, we went by the library for the book drive. Casey found the one book he’d been wanting for a couple weeks, and picked out one other. We went and paid, and then saw that same book with a card that had Casey’s name on it. Turns out, he won that book! The very same book we’d just paid for! We were going to try and return the spare, but Casey didn’t want to. After we got home he made a comment about “Oh, there’s 2?” And we realized he didn’t understand that he’d won one and we’d bought the other. So, we’ll work on a nice note for his teacher this weekend and have him donate it to the classroom.

After that was said and done, I got in the shower and Dave read some of the new book to Casey. I went and gave him a goodnight kiss after I was out of the shower.

Then I got back on the computer and watched the most recent episode of NCIS and NCIS: New Orleans. I wasn’t quiet ready for bed after they were done, but didn’t really have anything I wanted to do. I scrolled through Facebook for a bit, but then just went to bed.

I was hoping I’d be able to sleep in this morning, but I woke to hear Casey calling for Dave. I hollered that Dave was at work, and he came in my room saying he was lonely. So he climbed into bed with me and we snuggled a bit. I also had a snuggly kitty Max laying against my legs. We were only all snuggling a little while, though, before my bladder had other plans. I was going to try and get back into bed after going to the bathroom, but then Casey said he was hungry, so I got him some oatmeal and grabbed my coffee.

Got on SL and got dressed in an outfit I’ve had for a while but never worn, and then got on Wiz to do the garden. Skipped DDO and Aura again. I just, don’t even care right now.

I heard from Colin fairly early, but he said he had an upset stomach. When he was almost ready to come on, I told him the maintenance guy was going to be there soon. A part had come in for our stove, the right front burner had been getting too hot too fast. So he fixed that while Casey and I played Uno at the kitchen table, and when he left I went and tried to call Colin. I got no answer. I figured his stomach was getting to him, and went to check out a popular RP community to see if it was something we’d like. I didn’t think he’d be long, that I could just wait for him there. I kept waiting, but wasn’t hearing from him. I sat down in the movie theater in that community, and went ahead and took care of bill pay while I had nothing better to do. After that was done, I still hadn’t heard from Colin. I was really worried, all kinds of scenarios running through my mind.

Finally I heard from him, turns out he’d laid back down while waiting for me and had simply fallen asleep. That’s a relief! I was imagining the worst. He was fine to get on Skype, but wasn’t up for anything else. While we chatted a bit, I also worked on some job applications for the Cafe/Club. I’m pretty excited, I never thought I’d do this but now that I am it’s pretty awesome.

I saw on Facebook about a beta version of Minecraft that was out that featured the upcoming pandas. I wanted in on that, so I signed up for the beta program and got the download. When I launched it, though, my realm was gone. I guess realms aren’t a part of beta. Makes sense, but still frustrating. So, I spent a great deal of time trying to export backups of my worlds so I could uninstall and reinstall. That was time consuming and a pain in the ass. Colin was ready to lay down somewhere during that, so we got off the call.

Dave texted me that he’d brought home a Papa Murphy Pizza, but I didn’t see it until he was already home. I got the oven going and cooked the pizzas, one for us and one for Casey.

After dinner, Casey and I played a few more games of Uno, and then I went to get the popcorn for tomorrow’s show & sell. When I tapped the link to open Scott’s address into maps, I forgot that it defaulted to Google Maps. Google Maps is awful, makes my phone run like crap. So, naturally, I had very little sense of where I was going, how to get to Scott’s to get the popcorn. I got there later than I wanted, and they were just getting ready to close up the garage from distributing popcorn. I got the stuff for the morning, and headed out.

I went to Ace Hardware next, to look at their Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day stuff. Dave had said they had quite a bit, and he wasn’t kidding! They had tons! I bought a few things and then headed to Walmart to get milk, and probiotics for Casey. We’re hoping they’ll help him poop more.

After that I headed home, got the groceries put away got changed into PJs, switched around some laundry downstairs, and then sat down at the computer again. Just been typing this, and think I’m going to go ahead and try and sleep. I’m not dozing off at the desk yet, so maybe give it a few minutes of scrolling Facebook first. But nothing too crazy, I have to be up in the morning for the show & sell.

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