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Thursday & Friday

Slept ok Wednesday night. Got Casey off to school, with a bit of time to spare. He refused to stay outside, though. I walked with him inside, and we got to his classroom just as the bell rang. That was good, at least.

Came back home and got my coffee and got on SL to get dressed for the day. Just kinda hung around on there a while.

Once I’d had enough coffee and heard from Colin, I headed out to Walmart. The mission was thermals for Casey, but I figured I’d also get another set for myself since I wasn’t sure what size I had in my closet. Then, since I’d gotten some for us, I got a pair for Dave, too. They would primarily be needed for Spook-O-Ree Friday night, but handy to have during the winter months up north. Dave hadn’t said for sure if he was going or not, but wanted to make sure he had some just in case. After picking up the thermals, I looked at the storage options. I never have enough room in my sock container! So, I picked up some more bins to organize clothing better.

Spent the rest of the afternoon working on reorganizing my closet and the shelving where I keep the overflow of clothes. I would prefer to have an actual dresser, but it’d have to be pretty big and I guess I don’t mind so much having my clothes arranged as though I were in a dorm room lol. It gets the job done, anyway.

In the midst of getting things reorganized in RL, Sydnee had her first shift as a server in the Cafe in SL. She did well. There were no customers, but we went through a couple of scenarios and she handled herself well.

Got some Velveeta and Rotel in the crock pot to take with us to the Pack meeting and Monster Mash with the Cub Scouts.

Got laundry in the washer, swept the stairs and landing, scooped the litter box, took care of the dishes. I was pretty exhausted after all that!

Once I got Casey home from school, I had him get on the toilet for a while, then got him in the bath.

The Monster Mash was nice, the food was really good! It was a pot-luck. There was also a Bobcat ceremony, where select Scouts had earned their Bobcat badge and they got their faces painted. Otherwise, we just kinda sat around together, eating and chatting.

After the meeting, we headed home and got Casey ready for bed. Read to him and got him tucked in, then went back to my room and started working on some Staff Kits for the Cafe & Club on SL. Worked on that until about 11:30, then headed to bed.

Didn’t sleep the best Thursday night and woke up later than I would have liked on Friday. Somehow we still had enough time for Casey to sit on the toilet, actually take care of business this time, and eat breakfast before heading out for school.

Came back home and got my coffee, got on SL, and spent the morning hanging out there on and off while getting laundry done and getting packed for Spook-O-Ree. I also managed to get the dishes taken care of.

Got Casey from school and we came home and got our thermals put on under our clothes, then we hit the road for Camp Decorah.

We stopped at McDonald’s in Onalaska on the way there to eat again, because I didn’t really know if there’d be food until the next morning like last time. We even had time for Casey to play for a few minutes!

After McDonald’s, we went next door to Walgreens to get Powerade and snacks to have while we were at Spook-O-Ree.

Finally we drove the last 20 minutes. We got parked and registered, got assigned to a cabin, then went and got our stuff out of my car and put onto beds in the cabin. Then we headed back out to see where the rest of our people were. There were only a handful of parents last time, so about a handful of Cubs as well, so I didn’t think I was looking for many people. I found Scott and he said there were 45 people altogether just from our Pack attending! He said we probably wouldn’t all be able to stick together, so we were just kinda going to do our own thing. There was a loose schedule given out to everyone at registration, so we wandered off in search of the Carnival.

Casey had fun playing at the Carnival! I needed to sit down for a bit, so we took a break to go check out the snack booth that they had set up. We got a hot cocoa to share for $1, and then munched on some of the snacks I’d gotten at Walgreens. I also took my nighttime meds while I had a good opportunity.

When we’d first gotten to the snack area, Casey spotted one of his good friends from his class, Michael. Michael’s mom, Leanne, is the other leader with me for our Den. She wasn’t there, but Michael’s dad, Daniel, was with him. We sat with them and after we were all done with our snacks we all headed back to the Carnival.

I kept having to use the restroom from all the powerade I’d had that night, so the 4 of us headed into the dining hall and I had Casey try to go as well. We were waiting to hear our Pack number called for the Haunted Hayride, but hadn’t heard it when we went into the dining hall. When we got out, we headed back towards the carnival, and wondered if our Pack had been called while we were in the dining hall. Sure enough, it had, and part of our group was still standing and waiting. So, we joined them and went on the Hayride.

They informed us that kids the previous year had thought it was too scary, so they had toned it down this year. Honestly, they toned it down too far. Casey laughed the whole time. He should have been genuinely scared at least once. I heard another kid behind us saying it needed to be toned down more! That’s nuts!

After the Hayride, we headed to the Haunted House. Along the walk there, a kid was telling spooky stories around a campfire. We stopped to listen, then kept heading towards the Haunted House. We asked the kids if they wanted scary or not scary, and expected Casey would want not scary. He ended up saying he wanted scary, so that’s what we went with. The inside was just decorations displayed on tables, nothing scary at all. We got to the exit in like a minute, and then the guy said we’d go left for the maze (the supposedly scary part) and right to head back to the festivities. The maze actually did scare Casey a bit, but I was super proud of him for how he handled it!

From there we headed back to the cabin to get settled in for the night. I stepped out onto the porch to get my brace removed, since I had to remove a pant leg to do it and there was a guy in the cabin. I stayed in my clothes, not really caring that I was going to sleep in them. Got Casey tucked in, then laid down myself. The main light was turned off, but the kitchen light was left on.

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