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Thursday & Friday

Thursday morning, got up after very little sleep the night before. Grabbed a latte while the computer was booting, then got parked on SL.

I noticed Daniel’s Facebook had poofed, which he’d warned about. He’d said he deactivates it every year or so for 6 months. I sent him a text, apologizing again for my behavior. I’d pushed too hard for verbalization of our relationship.

He eventually texted me back that everything was fine, he wasn’t mad just irritated. We were right back to our usual banter very quickly, and ended up exchanging naughty gifs for hours, getting me overly hot and bothered. I kept joking about just going to his house and waiting for him, but joking turned to serious and I ended up saying, yeah that’d make me nervous. And he wasn’t happy about the serious part, he was fine with the joking prior.

Interestingly, that tipped off him saying he wants to let the beast out to play, and that he was a lot like Christian Grey. I’d known he was into BDSM but we haven’t really dabbled in that together despite me saying I’m into it too. He was concerned that it’d upset and hurt me, but the thought of it was turning me on more than ever.

Finally, after several hours of being hot and bothered, he told me to go to his house. So, I did. We had some fun, including a bit of him letting the beast out but not rough enough really. Then we went and watched Star Trek, held hands and dozed off together on his couch, before getting back up and heading to bed.

I got some sleep, until he rolled over the opposite way and his arms weren’t around me anymore. Something about it just felt off.

After I headed home and he made his way toward work, I saw on his Facebook that he’d woken up in a mood where he didn’t want to talk to anyone. I let him know I’d seen it, and that I’d leave him be but that I loved him and hoped he’d have a good day.

I spent the day chatting with a new couple, and was getting along with them very well. Unfortunately, it originated from me matching with the guy and it was the intention for us to play with just the guy. I was rather fond of the girl, too though.

In the afternoon, Daniel asked how my day had been, and I let him know about the new couple. I also asked if he was feeling better, and he said he was feeling much better. I sent him pics of the couple I’d been talking to, but didn’t hear anything back from him.

Dave had spent the day out with Jennifer, leaving Casey and I to our own devices. Casey spent the day on Minecraft while I just scrolled through Facebook endlessly and chatted with Collin and his wife, Jamie. That’s the new couple.

I got Casey to take a bath after dinner, and he spent more than an hour in it. I could tell he was overtired when he found so many things to complain about and refused to wash up. Eventually he got himself cleaned up and I got him in towels to dry. I hopped in the shower while he finished drying off.

After getting him snuggled into bed, I tuned in to some NCIS: New Orleans. It was the last 2 episodes to get me caught up, and they were very good. Once they were done, I headed to bed.

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