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Thursday, February 4, 2021

I woke up early, anticipating that there would be school despite the storm we were expecting. I thought it would just be an early-release day. I was mistaken, it ended up being a full snow-day. I still planned to take Greg to work, I just would have Casey with me.

I was waiting for Dave to drop him off, but at about 7:30 he still wasn’t there. Finally, around 7:45 or so, Dave dropped him off and we headed out to go pick Greg up and take him to work.

I stopped and got some gas on my way home, even though Greg was planning to give me some gas money for all the rides I’ve been giving him. I was down to a quarter tank and didn’t want to take any chances with the storm.

Casey and I headed home afterward and I took care of my free book & paid emails. Then, I tried to get on Minecraft on my Switch. I was having so many errors, it was impossible to play. I wanted to play Minecraft, though. I ended up moving my Dogtopia world from the Xbox to the computer so I could flag that it hadn’t been played in creative. Then, I moved it back to the Xbox so I could play it on there in survival mode and still earn achievements. Casey joined me, and we spent a couple hours playing together. Casey died once and got pretty upset because he lost all his stuff, but I reminded him that it’s just a game and that’s part of the game and that his stuff would still be where he’d died. He was able to get back to where he’d died and collect all of his stuff, and we were able to keep playing.

A neighbor girl came over to see if Casey could go out and play, so he got his snow-gear on and headed outside for a while. He came in absolutely covered in snow from head to toe and traipsed all through the apartment leaving the snow behind him. I could have gotten irritated about the floor being covered in snow everywhere, but I didn’t. I just got his things hung up to dry and went back to what I was doing. By then, I was on Portal Knights on my Switch.

Casey and I headed to the grocery store around 5 to pick Greg up. The roads were horrendous, but we made it there safely. I dropped Greg off at his place, then headed back home.

Casey played around on his phone for the rest of the night, and I did some things on Black Desert until a couple hours after getting Casey to bed. Then, Greg arrived and we spent a couple hours together. He had to get back to his place, though, so he called a cab after we were done “snuggling.” I waited by the door with him and we played each other in Words with Friends. Once he was gone, I went to bed.

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